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  1. I find something interesting about juvinates. Those in Darkmeyer simply die when you get their lp down to 0 with the polearm, but those outside still turn into mist and escape at low lp. And the vampires west of Burgh d Rott are called vampyres now, even though you can still hit them with normal weapons.
  2. Looting dead noobs pre-gravestones, it was a lot of fun even though you knew you would only get iron armour. And aggressive dark mages south of Varrock, where this happened quite often.
  3. Referral programs are nothing new, and using them is a legitmate way to expand a site's userbase. But a referral program that blatantly states that you can "refer" yourself (thus does not really attract new users), and is so easily abused IS something new.
  4. Interesting, I decided to kill it because it was so badly crippled and I thought of it as mercy killing.
  5. At the upper right corner is a table showing all the reactions. For example if you need to change chemical A into chemical C, and the table shows A + B -> C, you just need to add some chemical B into the hopper.
  6. "How do I do this?" when playing Fish Flingers. You could've read the kbase, asked the fisherman before you enter or asked when everyone's waiting for the game to start.
  7. The only ones that I'm sure have beomce easier are hunter and herblore. I remember the frequency of hunter rocks was upped in a patch notes or "in other news". And herblore is easier for the fact that you can now get them from cleaning herbs.
  8. I rarely wear a skillcape these days, it's just a giant noob magnet. Even when skilling I prefer the Ardy cape 3 because it goes better with agile armour and has 2 useful teleports.
  9. I used AVG and Spybot. They didn't find anything so I uninstall them and use MS security essentials. Thanks for the advice anyway.
  10. I did but the problem is still not ifxed.
  11. I have been unable to load RS2 on this computer since the update on 1/6, it always stops at "checking for updates" without progress for hours. I can access RSC, though. My computer's specs are: Operating system: Windows Vista service pack 2 Java version: 1.6 update 20 Processor speed: 2.20 GHz Amount of RAM: 2.0 GB Web browser: Firefox 3.6.3 Internet Connection: ASDL What I have tried to fix the problem and didnt work: 1. Clearing browser cache, deleting the jagex cache folder and restarting the computer 2. Using IE/Chrome/RS downloadable client 3. Uninstalling Java and Firefox, reinstall Java and then Firefox 4. Uninstalling Java and Firefox, reinstall Firefox and then Java 5. Adding port exceptions (43594 and 43595) to Windows Firewall 6. Temporarily turning off Windows Firewall 7. Using older versions of Firefox (tried multiple versions 3.5+) and Java (tried multiple versions 1.6 update 10+), and the versions that did work on another computer. Scanning the computer with AVG, Spybot S&D and Microsoft Security Essentials didnt find anything suspicious. What did work was using an older computer with Firefox 2, Java 1.5 and the same connection, it finished loading within a couple of minutes. I have run out of ideas how to play on the newer computer, so Im seeking help from people with better technological knowledge here. Thanks for your kind attention.
  12. At least MEP2 feels more epic. It's nore comparable to Sheep Herder in terms of tediousness:reward ratio.
  13. Doing the puzzle once is fine, but repeating part of it for every bar is just an unnecessary pain in the [wagon]. And I'm really disappointed with the reward. A few hours spent on the quest to unlock that piece of [cabbage] that I'll never wear? And I better waste a bank space to store it in case it's needed for a future quest/diary/slayer monster/whatever.
  14. How many players actually grind their money making ways for months on end? Most people will get bored of doing the same thing over and over again, be it training skills, making money or even monster hunting. So it's unlikely anyone will get a maxed cash pile in the time period you stated. I'm sure most players won't even get remotely near one maxed pile of cash ever (unless Jagex screws up and makes a way to create large amounts of gp out of nowhere).
  15. I've have my PM set to "friends" for years since someone tried to scam me through PM when I was still kinda new. If people need help, they can always ask in public or clan chats where more people can see it. It's not like you have a better chance to get help if you ask through ONE player's PM.
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