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  1. it's gonna be very easy with your stats, you can basically tank him with eagle eye and tough skin and use whatever weapon you want, just keep your health above 50
  2. yak34


    thanks for the advice guys, i left the range pots and i managed to get him! whoo!!!
  3. yak34


    oh ya, forgot about that, i am carrying a super restore and 8 brews with bull ant, but i still run out
  4. yak34


    i've been fighting nomad recently and i have been getting pretty close, but i keep dying at the melee part here's what i use i appreciate any advice thanks guys
  5. i looked using the exp counter, the max i can get is 3, though i am using a laptop...
  6. I got 2 things that can help you train in the thieves guild 1. after completing any part of the quest(?), talk to the guild master about thieving from the mark 1 again. after you do it, teach him, and you'll get 2k thieving exp 2. after you knock out a coshing victim, you can get up the 3x the exp* you get for looting him if you're fast enough * it seems the exp you get from coshing depends on your thieving lvl
  7. From my experience, room size appears to grow as complexity and floor grows, so you might have a bigger room at highest complexity thanlower complexity.
  8. Here's the 2 I use that removes/scans for free: a-squared spyware doctor you should be able to either by google good luck
  9. yak34

    PC world

    Ya I know that, but they're usually advertising for 100+ and my combat lvl is only 94
  10. yak34

    PC world

    I am currently combat lvl 94 and i'm looking to get void, does anybody know of a good world/cc for my level to get the points fast? thanks
  11. yak34

    Tt key

    I just got a clue that tells me to go into the elemental workshop. I did both of the workshop quests. When i tried to get the battered key, all it have me was the slashed book. How do I get the key? ( and it's not on my key ring either). Thanks
  12. Zammy symbol is not focused on any specific letter, but instead it's focused on three points that sticks out
  13. yak34


    how is that possible?
  14. yak34


    I just got a Sumona task for 128 trolls. Where and how can I finish the task so that I can make a profit? And no I don't want to Turael it as I'm trying to do enough tasks to start earning points. Thanks
  15. I usually hear people getting about 200-250k per hour, you're doing about 150k. But how focused you are is relevant as well.
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