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  1. Best Place to Power Mine Iron Ore in F2P ?
  2. Power mine iron till lvl 75 mining. Then, go mine some coal in the mining guild or some gold ores. trust me, it's worth it. at lvl 75 mining, alot of lower lvl ppl can't compete with you for ores. and you get the ore faster with lvl 75 mining.
  3. Ok, I got it. Thanks for your help everybody!
  4. i tried something like that already. could you please explain a little further?
  5. I am new to the grand exchange and all the new updates within a past year. I bought a set of rune armor in a box from the grand exchange. now how do i unpack the box so i can wear my rune armor??
  6. No it isn't, lol. No? oh well, dont mine iron then, lol. #-o It kinda makes sense, though. Because iron is worth about half the price of coal. Iron is 100 and coal is 200. And iron can be mined in 1 hit and the ore respawns faster. Am I missing something?
  7. Thanks, I appreciate the help. I think I am going to mine coal or gold ore for money. I just bought a rune pickaxe. My question is this, which do you think is faster, mining gold ore or coal? Coal is priced way less than gold ore. Also, coal has been decreasing in price over the past month: http://itemdb-rs.runescape.com/viewitem.ws?obj=453&scale=1
  8. Hi, i just started playing runescape again. The last time I played was 1.2 years ago. Everything has been completely changed and it's too much for me to understand all at once. My friend can't trade me a rune pickaxe because of the new trade limit. He "lent" me one, so I can start mining coal. My main question is this: can someone please explain the basics I should know about these changes? I've read the updates and stuff but it's just too much information to handle all at once. Also, I'm broke. What would be a good F2P way of making some cash in this new runescape? My stats are: Attack: 70 Str: 66 Def: 63 Range: 60 Prayer: 46 Magic: 60 RuneCrafting: 45 Crafting: 56 Mining: 74 Smithing: 57 Fishing: 68 Cooking: 67 WC: 70
  9. Wow, Idiot... He/She is not asking you to buy the bars from her. He/She is telling you that it would be a wise investment to buy gold bars at MAX price from the Grand Exchange... stupid ppl these days..
  10. where can i get Pirate clothing like this: ? and how much is it worth?
  11. What about Lumbridge Castle ? ~ O:) Lumbridge doesnt have flax :(
  12. is it better to pick flax and make bs in seers or in the gnome tree stronghold?
  13. im trying to find the better way of making money. i have two main ways of making money: mining coal in mining guild (73 mining) picking flax and spinning into bs in seers village on average i mine about 260-300 coal an hour. thats around 45k gp an hour. how much could i make per hour with bs? which way could i make more money?
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