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  1. Just stopped by, taking a look at tif. Gratz on the 1mil airs, it's amazing. I remember when you had just started mining ess.. Keep it up ^^
  2. Yes, I remember you, the lvl 3 skiller right? :P Long time ago. Goat, I emailed you ^^
  3. For Paul, Sorry I couldn't see you off in-game. Moonshadow will you give you the stuff I gave for you. Thanks man, we can still keep in touch hopefully, and you've been a great friend. Sorry I couldn't give more away, I was scammed about 2 weeks ago and lost around 2.5 Mil . Here's the stuff Moonshadow should give to you. Cya My last donation, everything I had left. Bye Tif. My Summary. Time: Played since 04' Accounts: hacked - T3h C1oud , T3h Waf1le - lost about 28 Mil ( santa plus other items ) others - A Man Died , Kingb1ast , Top Story, Waffle Skill, Mooncheesef9 Total Levels: Over 3k
  4. First Giveaway went to Start Saving, a IRL Friend, awesome dude, lvl 103. Merry-XMas
  5. Hey all , I've quit Haven't played for a while now. Hopefully I can give the last of my stuff away before the real change happens. I've got a blog I'm using nelag.freehostia.com It's a wordpress blog uploaded on freehostia webspace. I'll be getting nelag.com as a domain name soon. After new years I'm gonna be finally 100% runescape / tif free. PM me if you wanna keep in contact, there's a lot of awesome people out there. Alright, cya all, peace. - A Man Died, Kingb1ast, T3h C1oud, T3h Waf1le, Waf1le, Top Story, Waffle Skill.
  6. Happy now? And midgar, way to be an [wagon] wow, tip.it community is really falling. nobody even comments about the thread, so sad. dont be jealous :) You think I'm jealous? Wow, you people cant even think. See earlier i said lol, :P thanks to both of you to the other guy? All [bleep]ing midgar does is says owned and mt name is a$$clown does he say anything about the thread? does he say anything nice? [bleep] no. Jesus.
  7. Happy now? And midgar, way to be an [wagon] wow, tip.it community is really falling. nobody even comments about the thread, so sad.
  8. Finally recovered my old account , Mooncheesef9. It's a level 52, 450 total.. YoYo Amazing. Should I play it?
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