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  1. Join as guest and ask 4 invite. Venge kite today, 3.7m ge price and sold for 2.4 : \
  2. In todays pvm news, did 1 hour of rots, friend got shield(keep) and i got barrow ammys twice : (. Also did 1/2 hour of nex and got pbody duo and pulled off the most amazing clutch kill where every had teled, no fooded the last 30k hp on zaros phase then finished her off with my sign of death but got brew/rests as the drop : \
  3. 170m dg, did quite a bit of nex and ended up getting x2 and for a total of
  4. Should've gained that 1m more xp to beat me. 700m total xp and 6m fm xp gained thanks to my 2 fm brawlers.
  5. 39m xp overall gained, got 15m base and 20m in a few skills also came 4th in the clan for dxp gains
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