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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  2. Awesome, did not know that. Thanks a bunch!
  3. So should I be ranging or maging them? Cuz at melee range, isn't it their melee attack that deals the most damage? (I have a dragonfire shield, so the mage attack up close doesn't do much). Sorry, I'm REALLY clueless with this new combat system and everything, haha. :wacko:
  4. So I'll just right to it here: What is a good/best setup to use for my skeletal wyverns slayer task? And how should I go about completing it? Just getting back into the game after a few years off, and I'm woefully out of date on pretty much everything. It looks like Tip.it hasn't really updated the beastiary fully since the EoC, so I came to you helpful bunch :) Thanks!
  5. Haha that's what I thought, but I wanted to ask the experts, just in case :) Thanks so much!
  6. Hey all, Just a quick question, with a probably extremely easy answer, but it's been a while since I've played and I want to clarify. The hybrid armour obtainable from Castle Wars, Soul Wars, etc. requires a WIN to have a chance of obtaining it, yes? Not just simply completing a game? Obviously, with games like Pest Control, a win is nearly 100%, but with Castle Wars, it requires a bit more luck and teamwork, so I just want to clarify. Thanks!
  7. Alrighty, fair enough. I figured when I didn't get any noticeable xp change, but I was hopeful it was a bug or something ;) Thanks to everyone who responded.
  8. Well, I was checking, and I looked on a calculator - the urns in the 7th room give 675 xp each. With a .6% boost that makes it 679 (not a big boost, but still noticeable) and I wasn't seeing any extra xp. And I would agree if they didn't work in PP that'd be kind of dumb. Just seeing if anyone had any more info. It's still nice being able to have some variety to the PP rewards. :) Thanks guys!
  9. So I've been doing some pyramid plunder, and I received the Black Ibis Legs. I'm just wondering though, I've been trying to see it's 0.6% bonus xp, and I haven't been able to detect it... does it work in PP? Or only in certain activities? I've looked at both my xp counter and at the xp in my skills page, and I haven't seen the difference. Thanks!
  10. What is the best to set my workers on in MTK right now? I'm coming back from a 2 year retirement... And yes, I DO know how to search, but the last result I found was from July and I know the prices fluctuate a lot. Thanks so much guys!
  11. Yeah I just decided to tank them, thanks for all your help! :D
  12. So I just started playing RS again after 2 years, and I am doing slayer and my task is dust devils. I'm having some difficulty finding a safe spot in the smoke dungeon. Are there any still there? Thanks!
  13. Poster doesn't have 85 Slayer for Abbys :) What everyone else said is all good, however, you can also do what they call "flip merching" it's a little bit riskier but people report getting 5% increase on their money pile daily, all while doing other things to get money as well (i.e. combat) Good luck, welcome back!
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