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  1. my medigun is called "Sexual Healing". Just to add that bit of awkwardness. Also named my knife "The Tender Loving Machine". i need more nametags :3
  2. That challenge isn't too hard, just throw away your frag when you spawn and spam one towards the enemy team every time you resupply. Also playing domination helps as you can spam the point with your resupplied nades.
  3. Nope. Sniper's weakness is his aiming abilities. :mrgreen: Besides the Ambassador, three-four clean shots from the vanilla revolver can do it. Love that gun. I don't have that good of aim, so the Ambassador sucks for me. And any decent Sniper will turn around, call "SPY!" and blast you with his SMG/Jarate (Jarate being worse). Razorback is annoying, but the enforcer (new revolver) is really good for dealing with this. Get right behind them and just spam the trigger. Kills them before they know whats happening. I love that gun <3
  4. lol if you use the start playing option on the main menu you get matched up against all the free players. Talk about easy mode, it's like playing bots. But worse. I had 150 points as spy after 3 rounds, it was pretty fantastic.
  5. Oh hai blog. Back playing runescape again. Oh my is it different. I feel like a giant noob because I have no idea what half of the new things are. So i've decided to stick to what i know. I'm barrowing for money, when I need it, but most of the time i'm training my combat stats so i can do DKs effectively. Rest of the time i'll just blog here. Good to be back!
  6. .... You clearly have no idea how powerful the default revolver is. I do, but I'm not complaining about its power - "it doesn't spread in stupid directions" - in that regard, the ambassador is a lot better because it actually shoots where you aim instead of, you know, hitting one shot out of 3 even though I'm aiming at them. With no spread, there's no reason not to use the revolver. But with the spread in pubs, the ambassador feels a lot more solid and predictable. And yeah, demo takes quite a lot of brain to make up for missing pipes. Getting good at demo is advisable because the damage output is incredible and one good demo can be a massive factor in a push or defending a cap. They both have the same spread last time I checked, the only difference is that with the Ambassador you tend to wait for the cooldown period and so don't notice it. dunno if they changed it but a while ago they made the revolver (and pistols) fully accurate with the first shot just like the ambassador.
  7. it's supposed to do that i believe. it has higher damage and goes faster to reward people for direct hitting an enemy.
  8. YES. Love that hat. Well to be fair, I don't like "extreme" painted hats/objects. Like hot pink anything? Ugly. White Bill's Hat? Awesome. Team Spirit on items for some reason don't change to the teams colors like original hats? Attractive. My hot pink detective noir takes offense, sir.
  9. very nice sir. i found a hound dog the other day. sold it seeing as i already have a vintage gold painted one. free 2 refined :D
  10. It wasn't like they were aiming down sights and i appeared right in front of them, but i basically died within 5 seconds of spawning several times in a row. All to famases and the 74u once or twice. And i have a 2.73 k/d, i dont get outplayed too often.
  11. played this game today. got spawn killed ten times in a row by famas' and 74us. what fun
  12. It made me download nam too, but i dont have it. i think it only unlocks once you buy it
  13. Yeah earbuds are like 12 ref. each now. They're only gonna go up since they're not dropped anymore so they're good to keep around.
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