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  1. there may have been something that the nurse said to anger the boy (or even done)




    and also the parents SHOULD know whats in their kids games as my mum usually stops and watches to see some of the content in my games (no complaints yet must be choosing ok games in her standards :) )

  2. MAN IF THESE GUYS WERE IN NSW THEY WOULD BE CHARGED WITH CHILD NEGLECT!!!!!!!! its simple dont pay for the internet bill son cant do anything about it can he?




    if he stabs or gets violent all he will do is get sent away and the parents should think about not going for the money way but rather TALK to the kid man if my parents found i skipped school they would TALK to me first rather than blame it on a computer game obviously trying to have it shut down




    its like a little girl and a lollie shop if one is closed down she will look for another one




    therefore the parents plan will NEVER work which is good for those who play rs but are not obsesed :XD:

  3. man u have inspiered me!!!! :thumbsup: after i come back from camping at relos farm (get 2 learn 2 drive there ::' ) i will fish till 99 the cook till 99 :XD: :XD: i will be gone for a loooooooooooooooong time so peeps if u wanna see me go fishy guild world 111 if u dont wanna go there u wont be seeing me :^o stupid nose gotta find the off swi... err u didnt see or hear anything






    EDIT: u almost died from 4k of coal! i couldnt manage 1k of coal let alone 4k!!!!!!!!!!!!


    EDIT: the reason for my err umm... convession is because i very easily bored bye the forums r getting boring...

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