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  1. R.I.P. Falador Tavern. You had a good run, drawn out though it may have been in the end. Let your passing mark the end of an era, for though your last days were a pain to behold, you stood a beacon of community entertainment in your glory days. May you rest in peace knowing that your unfaltering efforts were the cause of many friendships that yet still remain and may you go down in history as the tightest community this forum has ever seen. Now let your body, beaten akin the likes of a dead horse, pass peacefully through the logs of Tip.It. I find it only fitting that I, one of the original settlers to set foot on your land and your most faithful inhabitant, though I may have caused you more pain than many of the others, should be the one to hold for you the rite of these last words. Thank you for your service, and should anyone wish to settle down or rekindle the old spirit, please guide them on to new lands. -The Mather1. Any mods read this, I'd appreciate it if you locked the thread and edited out this line
  2. I... What. Do you even... Tell me this is the part where we find out you've been trolling us the whole time. Please. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IlluminatiJust because something is often used in conspiration theories doesn't mean it's not a real thing, just look at the Freemasons.
  3. No, Edison monopolised DC and discredited AC so as to ensure he would retain the monopoly. Tesla invented AC and proved it to be much more efficient for commercial use, Edison responded by publishing a video of an elephant being executed using AC. Also back when Tesla worked for General Electrics, he developed a brushless AC motor, Edison discarded it simply because it didn't use DC. And yes, the church held back science, back when witch hunts were commonplace, the targets were often people who had accomplished something in science. If it didn't, the group Illuminati would've never existed.
  4. The only genius Edison had was as a businessmann, no other individual or institution has held back science that much since the church back in the dark ages. He wasn't just a dick, he deliberately held it back because he'd lose profit from it.
  5. Actually, genius is 0% hard working, 100% innate understanding. A genius isn't one that knows a lot or achieves a lot, it's someone with a heightened innate ability to understand. In fact the majority of geniuses will never work hard or achieve much, because laziness and indifference is genius' faithful companion. And yeah, anime sucks for passive learning. Someone who doesn't already understand quantum physics to a moderate degree won't remember any of the technobabble from Steins;Gate for more than 10 seconds, it's there to offer gratification for us that do understand it, so that we can feel superior for doing so, and it can give us ideas we want to confirm, so as to make us take up active learning.
  6. Steins;Gate isn't really edgy, it's just good if nerdgasm from real technobabble, have a boner for smart chicks or like thrillers. And I asked Res beforehand if he liked technobabble. I can't say if Index is banal, as I can usually predict what comes next in most animes with considerable accuracy, so often in fact that I consider unpredictable but logical story progression to be a rare plus. But pandering is wrong, in fact it's pretty directly subverted, Index could easily have been ecchi, but it avoids excess fanservice and any action scene contains equal amounts of mono-/dialogue to the amount of action. The only really concerning thing I find about it is how Touma delivers quite a lot of shonen protagonist speeches to his opponents, but that shonen feel quickly disappears when you see the blood splatter as he buries his fist in their face afterwards.
  7. Steins;Gate. And yeah, Mayuri was kind of annoying, but it's hard to avoid that kind of character, as there are way too many viewers that are turned on by innocent airheads. And yeah, very little actually happened that had to do with the time machine, it's after all a thriller and it deconstructs what the sci-fi genre usually means. Not sure what to suggest next in responce to your tastes and that feedback, so I'll just present a rough description of my two favorite animes and let you decide whether or not to give them a go. To Aru Majutsu no Index - This anime is set "20 minutes in the future"in the scientific capital of the world, Academy City. Here esper powers have become commonplace as a result of treatments that have been developed to ncrease the likelyhood of them emerging and been put into the curriculum. Opposing the science side is religion, many of the christian churches are fighting a behind-the-scenes war with the leadership of the science side using magic that had long ago been created to combat the naturally occurring esper powers. The MC is Kamijou Touma, a guy with the mysterious power to dispell any supernatural effect with the touch of his right hand and blessed with bad luck. He lives in Academy City, unaware of what's going on behind the scenes, until he one day discovers a nun hanging on the railing of his balcony. Action, supernatural, comedy, with some harem and shonen speeches (followed by punching the opponent in the face, regardless of gender). Angel Beats! - This anime takes place in a purgitory for teenagers that are unable to pass on due to being unsatisfied by their lives. The MC wakes up with without any memories and is immediately greeted by a girl with a sniper rifle. She tells him he's dead and asks him to join the SSS in rebel against God. Drama, dark- and slapstick comedy with some intense action. Personal opinion: 1# most touching thing I have ever watched, and the only thing I have ever watched that has made me cry like a baby.
  8. You were banned because at that time you were doing nothing but flamebaiting on this forum. Of course you were going to be banned when all your interactions with the community the forum was created for at the time consisted of hidden insults, painfully malintentful comments and playing victim.
  9. We already have another forum waiting, with two previous members waiting for the rest of you to follow and a third with an (admittedly ambiguous) expressed interest in joining too if the rest of you come around.
  10. When pigs fly. Or alternatively when I meet a human that can successfully psychoanalyze me while retaining their own sanity. I'd say the prior is more likely though, as even I fail to understand myself at times, and I take pride in the precision of my psychoanalytical abilities. And yeah, my parents came home earlier than expected, so I had to end my hibernation. Nothing bad about that though, as upon going over MAL's Romance tag more thoroughly I discovered Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko.
  11. I have done it. I have combed through and watched absolutely everything that I find interesting in the Romance genre of anime. Now since I've got nothing left to do until the summer season starts, I'm just gonna sleep until Friday. If you need anything, just bug me via something loud, like Skype.
  12. It's a pointless move, but I ain't going to object as long as it keeps the forum index 220.
  13. He's already made a user and posted on my forum. He came by here a few months ago, but left when the mods thought he was being serious when he pretended to be a jerk.
  14. There's a reason I was pushing for an independent forum. That way we could continue without worrying about anything being too off-topic (because individual off-topic subforum) and we wouldn't have to worry about getting the administration on our case, which would subsequently mean that Archi, Lei and Sere would return at least.
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