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  1. When I get time i'll work on a signature centered around P hat's if you would like. Heres what I did in Paint since I'm not at home on my desktop comp. Are you stuck on forming words with items? Or do you just want a signature? Tip: transparent background ;) Pretty sure that's not possible in Paint. Lol
  2. I agree, I'm level 137 combat, but only 40 dungoneering because I had quit for over a year and came back to find the new skill. I started training solo but that got boring fast, so I went to world 117 to try and find a team. That turned out to be a debacle as everyone there simply had no idea how to do the skill. They had no idea how to solve any of the puzzles or how to fight the bosses. Needless to say, I just go solo now and I can get 20k xp per hour at just level 40 doing complexity 6. I know it's not the fastest but I really don't want to put up with stupid teammates who don't even know what the point of the game is.
  3. Interesting, I load this page in about 2 seconds. Sorry that they're all in .png format, thats just how swiftkit makes them.
  4. like 50 drops here all in order from earliest to latest [hide] [/hide]
  5. First desert task, although have had two jungle tasks dry: [hide][/hide]
  6. Nice zam trip, ended with 12m cash (4 spears 1 hilt 3 staffs lots of shards)
  7. Duoing bandos with a friend, 5 trips dry, kill steelwill and get this lmao...
  8. Duoing bandos with a friend, 5 trips dry, kill steelwill and get this lmao...
  9. First ever double chest at barrows. At first I only noticed the karil top, not even the guthan body. Should help on 95 prayer :thumbup:
  10. Haven't played for 6 months, logged in today went to corp and got:
  11. Even if you must earn XP while getting EP, couldn't you just sit at level 1 and alch? Thats what I do anyways..
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