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  1. Hey so as of recent my internet bandwith has kept going up and up and my brother thinks that it's rs. Does running runescape take more bandwith then before? I'd like to think that it's the videos that is taking up most of it. I tried reading the displayfps option but those kind of things don't really make sense to me.



    Any help or suggestions would be great! Thanks!

  2. Hey, I was wondering if anyone could tell me the new ftp items that will become available when eoc goes live. Is it just range and mage that have gotten new equipment?


    For safe pvp, can anyone also suggest any new combination of equipment to fight against each combat style? Would it be safe to play the combat triangle now since now it is more heavily implemented?



    Many thanks

  3. Hey so I'm trying to get kiln right now on my lower level account. Currently level 80 in everything, and I have access to 4 darts.


    I cant get gano, so should I use fungal instead? or is it worthwhile to use virtus, I have the money to purchase most items, just wondering what I can buy armourwise that can help me. thanks.

  4. Hey, so I've been debating whether I should start bursting since i'm interested in in getting 96/99 summoning, but with the oncoming update I hear casting will be much cheaper with the EOC update. Should I wait, or just go ahead with it.


    Any other tips and pointers would be great! Thanks.

  5. > F2P rolls can land on members item.

    > If F2P lands on members item the must subscribe to claim right then.

    > A fresh account doesn't have access to the wheel.

    > Any item worth over 100k is untradeable.

    > If you die with untradeable item it will disappear on death unless you select to keep it on death screen.



    Stupid update, more blatant marketing for f2p. Vastly effects members economy as well.


    2012 SovietScape



    Your points seem to contradict each other.


    If you can't trade any of the items worth over 100k, and they cannot be attained through death by others, where exactly is the "vast" effect on the economy? Especially considering how incredibly rare they seem to be.


    Simple, youdon't have to buy the item then. Also, even if its super rare, tens/hundreds of THOUSANDS of people rolling once or twice a day? Lets think about that...


    Incredibly bad idea IMO. Bringing pure luck into getting gear/cash? NTY. I prefer to get my gear via skill. (hence why I play WoW and not RS.)


    I feel like every post you have is advertising that you play WOW lol.

  6. Still don't understand the problem, it is optional isn't it?


    What is the real problem people are arguing about? The new treatment of ftp compared to past years?


    I feel like pure ftpers don't go to p2p because in the ftp world they are considered "good" and once they become members they'll realize there really not that different from the next guy.


    But hey that's just me. I'd love to discuss this further.

  7. I think it's safe to say jagex realizes there are quite a few players who want to max/comp capes, and felt as though with effigies they way they were was going to cause alot of people to "finish" a lot sooner then jagex would have liked, so they're just keeping all those people in for the long haul haha

  8. I have a schedule to follow. Get Rapier in 10 days.

    I am 94 Dung.


    I want to become a awesome keyer.


    Is there a awesome keyer out there who could IN PERSON teach me how to key that well?


    Please i dislike guides.


    I hope someone can :)


    You don't want to aim to be a 30 minute keyer.........



    Anyways if you are opposed to guides you can try join as a guest in some clan chats or ask around...

  9. Towards the comment that X bosses are ruined, please don't make the assumption that everyone killing bosses are for effigies, they do drop things that are worth money. I feel as though you are confusing what jagex had intended them to be hunted for be it boots/claws, and instead hunting what can I say the "gifts".



    I would prefer to have 100 X drop in my bank than effigies, but hey that's just me, I dont see it as a "loss of exp" like some people.

  10. 1. Necessary? Being an average player, I didn't know much of the whole effigy game anyway. So I couldnt comment about that.


    2. They are obviously in the spirit of the game if Jagex themselves implemented them, but the way the players took "advantage" I guess one would say, made them reevaluate what they are actually for perhaps?


    3. I don't agree with the whole storing only 5, but meh

  11. Bind the highest 2h you can, and a plate body assuming you dont have a hood. Upgrade your ring on beserker to highest tier as soon as possible. Do large 5:5 c6 floors with a team for floors 30+, c1 the rest. Now when you get to 100, and you''ve dipped your foot in, you can change your binds accordingly to speed,dps, whatever way you want to further pursue dungeoneering.

  12. Hey so I need a new vehicle for my family, and we've narrowed down the choices to either the Mercedez GLK, or BMW x1. Can anyone give me their opinions, always like to hear other peoples thoughts :)


    Currently owner of a 1992 VW Eurovan and a 335d.



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