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  1. i would like to know as i might get dharoks
  2. IM NOT JACKING THIS THREAD: would i make profit using air wave in barrows?
  3. someone possibly add a link? just saying "Use sarus guide" wont help me find it xD
  4. Bought 14k willows to get to 70 fletch, then i will make profit+level to 99 =) gonna aim for 80+ before i set any high goals EDIT: 8k willows left when i updated this post, havent fletched much :S (gonna try to get done until saturday)
  5. gettin cash from drags, got all verac's items without helm, got around 300k cash... again: how much KC to get profit in barrows? and could someone nice give me a nice set up? plzzzz
  6. i do? :o how much KC to get profit through runes?! :o
  7. um, any other ideas? dont want to waste cash on p pots
  8. ive got stuff worth about 2m, and im trying to get full verac's... i can afford brassy, skirt and flail but then i will be dead broke after, hows a good way of gettin 1,9m?
  9. id say dark bow if u afford, use rune-dragon arrows and u should hit kinda high
  10. Taoyection


    how long time does it take to get one in barb assault
  11. should i purchase logs for 75 fletch then string yew longs from 75 up?
  12. i checked fletching, it would cost 4-5m for the logs Cooking idk, who got a good plan for cooking?
  13. I want to get a 99, kinda fast and cheap... i got 2,4m to spend on the 99 my stats r in siggy =)
  14. wont work, u need to use facemask :S
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