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  1. I brought 24 lobsters to the demon, and ate all 24 of them just barely escaping with 3 hp. When I got teleported onto the island I got hit by a spider to 1 hp and safely teleported to castle wars. Without dying. I thought it was pretty cool. Rate or Hate
  2. to get a fire cape by using melee? or is everything there immune to melee? just wondering how this works
  3. gin and tonic - I was actually thinking of getting 52 pray eventually, maybe after 90 str? I'm 82 str right now inliner - My friend was borrowing my rares before my main got banned, good thing huh? I had santa, green + red mask, 2 easters, pumpkin so Im staying F2P for , well a while until I get bored, I am really pissed at jagex for banning me so I dont really want to support them just yet by getting members thanks to everyone else on a side note - I was also thinking about doing dragon slayer, which would boost me to about 45 defense i think? which would be perfect for IF I ever get members
  4. Yes, I'm back for a while. Training hardcore right now, and I'm going to stay F2P for ever. I quit because I lost all my rares in series of stakes, but pking will soon be coming after I get 99 str.
  5. Rate my goals: 99 str 34 pray :) im not going to stay members for long so im getting F2P pking stats Name: Dr Phil 0wns level: 78
  6. so understanding from a couple posts here if i keep my prayer at 1 then i could be a dueler, but if i get prayer then i would be a better pker instead?
  7. hey everyone, thanks for rating my character sorry about my signature i didnt think it would offend anyone, my last name is White and i thought it was kind of clever. sorry again
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