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  1. Good things are experiments or yaks, however these are quite crowded. Green dragons would be good though, and you can at least make some money (unlike with yaks and experiments)
  2. magicrune


    Buy 3 empty greegree's from the Ape Atoll magic shop (1k each i think). Then go kill an archer monkey (the ones on the platforms, you can also go up a ladder near the prison to find one on the roof), a ninja monkey (the ones in the tunnel at the south of the island, and a monkey guard (the big ones in the temple). Take the bones of the monkey's you kill, then take the empty greegree's and the bones to Zooknock the gnome mage in the tunnel at the south of the island (you also had to visit him during the Monkey Madness quest). Good luck on RFD!
  3. You cant get both: If your lvl 50+ when doing the quest, you get the accumulator If your lvl 50- you get the other thing, and then you can trade it for an accumulator when you get 50+
  4. Gilded is pretty cool, if you combine it with gold gloves and boots. Maybe a trimmed amulet with that. Or gold mystic might be nice too.
  5. ok thx, I really got bored of accurate :D
  6. Hi, Im currently training Ranged at Ogres in King Lathas' camp (range lvl 71). What would be the best attack style to do this? Accurate or rapid? Thx
  7. A rune defender is a nice piece of equipment, so I suggest you go for it. You could fight iron armour: sounds noob, I know, but it probably won't hit you and you only loose the helm sometimes. Also, you can fish and cook the lobsters yourself: it will take a little longer to get the rune defender, but you don't lose money and you won't get bored so quickly.
  8. Woodcutting: if you do this, cut yews at catherby (south of flax field) at your lvl, it would go quite fast (get dragon axe if you can) AND with the current yew prices, you will make quite some money Fishing: do Swan Song quest, and fish monkfish I think you will need 100-110k monkfish from 62, so that WILL take a while, BUT you will make more money than with yews i think So, I guess Woodcutting is faster, and will get quite some money. Fishing takes longer but you will make more money. NOTE: If f2p, dont do fishing!
  9. If you want an efficient house for training construction, put workshop (flatpacks) and kitchen (for tea and larder making) near your portal. If you want it to be efficient in general put glory, study, chapel and portal room near portal.
  10. Does this work for the revenant ghosts? So if your lvl 100 you can only be attacked by lvl 95-105 ones? Thats great :D
  11. Yea, I used Fairy Rings before, but I guess abyss is alot more profitable now. Anyway, if im rcing i have alot of glories, so if I die and arrive at Falador i guess I can get back my items using the 4- or 5-minute gravestone.
  12. Hey, I was wondering, how easy is it to craft runes using the abyss with the wildy renewed? Is there alot of chance these revenant ghost will attack you? And if they do kill me, do I have time to run back, break my gravestone, and get my items back? Thx, Magicrune
  13. The "real" market price (not the one GE says) should still be lower, so you best buy it from forums.
  14. I see alot of people training range at yaks with knives and darts, they tell me its faster xp than bone bolts so you could try it :D
  15. http://www.tip.it/runescape/?page=pyramid_plunder.htm
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