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  1. Yeah, its more power training I'm after. These Yaks sound good, I shall do the quest so I am able to access them :P Many thanks :) + if anyone knows of more methods, feel free to add (then I can mix 'n' match :P)
  2. Hey All :) I want to train my range level up to 70 so I can take on the Aviansie with force :P Errm, What is the best way for me to train it up? What spot/weapon will be good for me? Thanks in advance.
  3. Like others said, I would be playing another game CS: S TDU DFBHD Garrys Mod Battlefield 2 UT 04 WoW (ya and the list goes on...)
  4. For those in the "color text on BG argument" Here is why "some" of us can't see it clearly. :) (Non default forum theme ftw?) And on topic Soon we will know is all I can say :) Jagex allways does it, But the reward/gift is probably just going be some item which is only there "for show" and become pointless/worthless to some (like me)
  5. Aight, Thanks to all for helping me :D I have decided to just work my combat up to 85, so I can do the smoking kills quest; in turn allowing me to skip this current Croc task :P It looks like too much hassle to do considering this is out in the desert, so that leaves me bulking around with waterskins and such. But thanks all for helping :) Much appreciated *hi-5*
  6. I liked the look of the "Mobilising Armies" game in the future. Would be fun to play a bit of RTS style fighting, within Runescape itself.
  7. It's a hard quest, if your assignment of crocodiles is only 34, I don't think you'll be able to do it, sorry. ;) The assignment I'm given doesn't reflect my combat status. But for the quest I need to do some agility/thieving work before I can even start it but won't 74 combat be enough to do the quest? If not, I can just work on getting the levels needed :D
  8. oooo, I liked that truthscape page very much, contained much needed info :) Thanks, I guess I better get working on that quest for a tiara then :P ty :)
  9. Well my slayer person just set me a task to kill like 34 crocs. I went for a quick search for them, couldn't find many. And found I was wasting tons of water skins. Which isn't convenient considering I want to bring with more food. 1) Where exactly are these crocodiles? 2) What is the best method to use while slaying them? (Path to take/weapons/armour/inv) And shamefully I can't skip this task... So I figured I might as well get it done. Any help on the matter is appreciated Thanks :)
  10. I would have seriously laughed irl if I saw that. Besides... Kung-Fu kicks Karate's [wagon]. :P Erm... I saw some "RS couple" making kinky talk with each other, and then some other female character came by, and the two female characters started arguing over the male one. Then another male character came along and said "He's with me" I lol'ed at the [developmentally delayed]edness of the whole situation.
  11. I missed a birds nest last time at yews! (I saw it, was about to pick it up, and then it vanished :oops: ) I found they do boost it up, and really, what's getting to lvl 24 in hunting? It's kinda quick to do, and you got a higher total lvl, w00t?
  12. Speak of the devil. viewtopic.php?f=37&t=763338 haha :D Must be a crazy glitch then. :lol: Thanks for reply also :) this thread can now be left to die :P
  13. Hey all Yesterday I saw some player running past in which, you couldn't actually see his cloths (Completely transparent) All I saw was his weapon/shield swinging back and forth as he ran by. And these weren't the same as those ghostly robes or w/e they are called, because they're not fully transparent, it just has a lower opacity. I did ask the player what it was he was wearing, and he maturely replied calling me a noob... So can anyone here please tell me more about them? Thanks in advance :)
  14. Short, simple, and to the point. I love it. :) I will be trying a few methods purely because I'm incredibly low on cash :( Thanks for guide mate.
  15. Saying you have broadband is a failed argument. Some people can have broadband yet still download at like 50-60kbps It is a problem your end. Not jagex. End of. Out of curiosity go here http://speedtest.net/ and paste your result. Another strange reason for disconnects could be other people doing things on via the same router. (For example if you're parents downloading something, your sisters uploading something, and you there trying to play a game. Just causes to much strain, especially if your using a low-spec router.) Give more details to your problems please. Because none of those are valid.
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