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  1. Just succeeded oxhead & horseface voyage, got 1 after the first reroll I used. Bought it aswell.
  2. "we felt it didn't need a set effect to remain better than Nex " Shed a tear
  3. If you get 3 totems you get a bonus on 50 trade goods missions aswell. Also the armor is worthless, it doesn't have a set bonus whilst Nex armour does have a set bonus making PoP armor only better in Defense and Hitpoints.
  4. If my 25 chi + merchant + fortune of sea succeeds i got enough chi for superior sea singer legs ;x Succeeded plate & laqcuer earlier, those jade statues dont give any +trade goods btw, got 25 laqcuer without any bonusses >.<
  5. I have : 1 JoD 6 of all other jade members -random noob members like good fortune etc- As i always did 1 combat, seafaring, morale and all around mission at a time.
  6. Gotten like 10 10k captains so far. Almost @ pincers.
  7. Our team probably got the first mace in runescape ; sold for 2147M
  8. Ive posted this on another forum, 2 days ago : Scroll mission succesful Cant get it sold for 10M though :( Edit : Sold (its editted the real price is 5.5M).
  9. Well I can see that if you got PoP armour, you will be more efficient againts kalphite king, and kalphite king drops $$$$$ too.
  10. ^ i'm 1 scroll ahead of vampyrism scrimshaw, keep failing scrolls for 3 days now >.< (Got all ancient bones already). But dunno if you ment that with 'armor'.
  11. Weew, discovered 'teamviewer' for on my mobile phone. Works as a charm, no lag at all, even when i am outside of the house on a 3G network it works great. This way I wont have to worry that i miss out on voyages when I go to school from 8:30AM till 17:00PM
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