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  1. wow! good job with you goals and achieving them! keep it up. good luck to 99 woodcut!
  2. i support you good luck with everything oh yea and i like your combat level ^^
  3. wow this is an impressive blog (: good luck to all your goals, smithing is a pain :(
  4. hahaha my account got banned because of the hacker. i appealed all of the offences, they were accepted. my account is locked though, and jagex keeps denying my requests to unlock. hopefully they find good within themselves to give me my account back
  5. thanks so much beerrobber (: today i opened up my glided altar for the first time for use. it was a lot of funnn (:
  6. yayy (: i got that today. my friend got 70 prayer (zacbun) so he gave me his extra bones (:
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