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  1. Been playing with it all night on the pbe. His new dance is tier 1 for sure. How do the upcoming buffs fare?
  2. Every time I use the home teleport to teleport to the Port Sarim lodestone, my game hangs at 50% loading and then refuses to load any further or show me Port Sarim. I have to then refresh the page, relog and I appear in Port Sarim. I was just wondering if anybody else had the same problem, and if they had a fix?
  3. Bought Bastion yesterday; really enjoying it so far. Very unique. Loving the sale, mind.
  4. I'm hoping he was referencing this.
  5. Even without the use of her ultimate?
  6. You could say the same about replacing a ward, but I see your point. Mid July patch went live today for the EU-W client. I tested out Eve in the Jungle, running AS Marks, Armor Seals, MR Per Level Glyphs and AD Quints. She seems to clear it quite nicely without leashes; and the stealth would be great for ganking. Might try her out in a normal later on.
  7. Except wards. At every point in the game they are good. How/when/where you place them is the only situational part, but your team should always be making an attempt to get some on the map. This. It pains me to see people claiming only Supports should be buying wards.
  8. One thing that I stick by, and offer as advice for anybody who wants help is 'Everything is situational'. Just because your kickass build worked last game, this game might be different. etc etc.
  9. http://[Censored for time being].com/c3puj8x I buy wards no matter what role I play, the amount depends on what role I'm playing.
  10. Hi there, I recently repaired my Aspire One D250 after taking it apart and reassembling it several times. Power button doesn't light up, Caps/Tab doesn't work, and the left click button is broken, but it's operational. My main problem is the power jack input is gradually being pressed more and more inside the case and charging it is becoming problematic. Now I've looked up the problem online, and from what I've read, it's happened to quite a few D250 owners. Now I plan to solder the piece back in place, but just wondered if there were any tips I needed before going ahead with this plan. I don't really want to brick it again. tl:dr; Netbook bricked, recently fixed. Need tips on soldering the DC jack back in place.
  11. Meta didn't come into action when I was playing until I was Level 30; but I played before the League eSports took off, and people like Dyrus and Scarra weren't as famous.
  12. I'm pretty sure it's just this genre of games. From what I've heard the MOBA genre is full of rage induced people.
  13. Ever since the last update (Social Slayer) I've had this problem on Direct X settings on the Minimap. I don't get the square boxes around icons on OpenGL, however. I don't mind using OpenGL, but I just wondered if anybody else had the same problems, and if they'd discovered a fix.
  14. It's all so cheap and beautiful; and I am so skint. :|
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