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  1. dang it...now i know why I counted extra one unused bank space during inventory... thanks.
  2. Is pure essence a "f2p" item or something....i know it can only used by member but since it's tradeable in f2p does it then count toward one of your f2p bank slot?
  3. i would say it's only applicable in limited scope. It's like those technical thing the Jagex just "can't" fix; it's unfeasible to consider banking/and thus any switch of item. Sure if there is banking then Yanille would be best as no other POH location has a bank. But if you do that then this whole question is moot anyway as if you can access a bank then anywhere can be reached. But to me if there is a place where only a specific combo of config in transportation overlap can reach I'd willing to jump a few node to get to a bank, since I'm using the same starter, a regular tradeable tablet. (Rimmington ring to me) it's basically a network topology thing. It's all about the locations inherent spatial relationships here.
  4. I'd prefer it not to have a special attack :P less likely to accidentally empty my spec bar aww..if that's the case I'd much prefer to gild an inferno adze instead since it's only cosmetic anyway...don't want to lose special attack...(even if it's not a serious weapon)...
  5. I heard from somewhere that gilded dragon can't do special attack atm...I am hoping that's a bug...
  6. What is too much? well thanks god they didn't say to fill your bank to the max with every item counted to the MAX...now that would be OUTRIGHT RIDICULOUS no? all kidding aside...I don't like it when I'd spend all that effort and end up having to BUY the cape. that's too much for me. What, am I expected to have that much cash because of my skilling/combat? (i'd probably would but that's no reason to make it another cash dump) aside from that, I don't see the cape (trimmed/untrimmed) being too much. It's called "completionist" for a reason. completionist is meant to sound like it's ODD or something...not an item most people should be setting a goal to get...it should come naturally, except if you ARE a completionist, but that'd just mean you should probably get a life/seek addiction advice/quit professional gaming. And I agree it shouldn't have had stat attached to it...that's just begging for some combat addict to try to get the best stat (minority but nonetheless). It should be like the original accomplishment cape or smth that don't give a pertaining bonus. It still should give something unique (not just another "lame" emote) though, but not combat bonus. I also by doing so Jagex is doing themself a limit on any future cape, which would render any other new cape moot and "worthless", not very smart decision. actually I imagine those people would be pissed even more when they release more champions and anyone who had the trimmed version would hoard the monster area 24 hrs a day. oh and don't forget Cyrisus from Dream Mentor. He killed chicken all day and never fought one BOSS. (I'm sure some player might be like him too) (count draynor don't count :) )
  7. feel free to move the thread elsewhere Now.... it is actually quite "subjective" on what actually overlap...but once you have a distance it should be applied consistently. Actually it's really based if the actual point lies in the acceptable area of the place or not (say Rimmington wouldn't be part of Port Sarim, but edgeville be part of GE, and place such as Legend Guild Fairy is just by itself.) Basically the problem first need to have the world divided into acceptable region and then be calculated who can jump to who and all tallied for comparison. (I imagine there might be a lot of ties and similarities in the final result but that's when we have the result) It's really quite illogical as you DO need to subjectively decide which point's in what region, but that's not necessarily the problem. It is rather a set variable that will be assumed to be provided. It's the relationship between these set region in terms of transportation that is the concern here. I had used edgeville/GE as a region but I am not actually including Varrock's central square (and it's surrounding) to be in the same region since combining them I realized would be redundant for a Varrock portal (assuming I could switch it to GE). So I opted to leave Varrock as it is to have one more option. In the same way, the same running distance probably exist between Sarim/Draynor and Edgeville/GE, but it might be a different scheme. personally I don't have what belong with what made up...but the solution to my problem is pretty much just an algorithm from a compsci perspective. It doesn't really matter what the input to this program would look like because they'll only vary in the data, not the structure (which is two level, region+what system exist in what direction (outbound/inbound)
  8. I'm sorry, but at this point I'm beginning to think you're just trolling. With the possible exception of Varrock, the Canifis portal is the most useful of the lot. oh yeah real professional you guys...I guess this community just can't get serious after all and I believe I mentioned importance/usefulness is irrelevant in this. If we were to include that then how do we define it in a quantifiable fashion? It's purely subjective base on what activity you do. For me it's just a node in the network, and hopefully it's not a dead-end. fyi I don't know what a troll is and I'm not going to be bothered to know. That piece of information won't be useful to this discussion. Oh and thanks for making this topic "hot". It is an honour to have created such lively discussion. Now if any of you actually do know what geomatics is, I like to hear your thought on this. Thanks. We can't get serious about a question where importance and usefulness is irrelevant, because importance and usefulness are unquantifiable features? You are asking an efficiency forum for an answer to a purely subjective question and yet somehow hope to quantifiably find the answer? Furthermore, you are asking a question on a RuneScape efficiency sub-forum that has no actual practical or efficient answer, due to the way you insist on forbidding any transportation method that requires an item to use, excluding the use of a housetab to get to your house to start this journey or whatever you wish to call it. A troll is someone who purposefully makes controversial statements in an attempt to make people angry and make a forum topic filled with anger and maliciousness, for the record. They tend to do this by obstinately sticking to a particular point of view, coming up with many reason for their view, most of which fail when actual logic is applied to them. Now, from a purely mathematical standpoint, it is an interesting question. However, I think yanille wins hands down. There are 3 portals to be acessed from the wizards guild in yanille. This also solves the portal problem, as yanille will be the missing portal. Edgeville leads to fairy rings which cuts out the usefulness of the Etceteria spirit tree, so put the spirit trees in the other two locations. This fairy ring also cuts out the usefulness of a Relleka house as since you are on Miscelania you can easily reach Relleka. The desert house has no interesting locations or transportation methods because the magic carpets aren't free. You said that a taverly house can be used to access varrock due to minecart system, therefore a varrock portal can access the taverly house. Rimmington has the frost dragons near it, however access via fairy ring (because of edgeville house glory) you can use that method instead, albeit it is slightly slower. I cannot think of any other interesting transportation methods to involve that do not involve the use of some sort of item. I will lastly point out that none of my answers actually mean anything since you have already stated that this is a purely subjective question, thus defeating the entire purpose of asking it in the first place. /thread. How is this a "purely subjective" question? There is a list of results in which one combo lead to the greatest number of locations. Only when if there is a tie in the final result then we need to consider which is actually useful, which IS subjective then. But obviously we're not there yet as we don't even know the result. By saying I don't care about actual game relevance I already trimmed this question down to a problem that's pretty much from a mathematical standpoint anyway. I have met many that have "persistently" claimed Yanille is the best choice. Personally I don't buy it. It seem like it and sure it is very relevant to actual game play in many aspect, but until it is prove that it actually fit the solution to this problem, I can only assume it being just another open option among many. (you know even if you do give me a result I can't really verify it anyway, but at least you tried and I would appreciate your effort and won't "appearing like a 'troll'", honestly don't you think 126 way is too much to handle with logic alone?) If you have forgotten what this is about here's a reminder: which combo lead to the greatest NUMBER of location you can reach starting from your house. By omitting bank use in mid travel I believe the problem is actually made simpler, not unsolvable like you seem to claim. I agree pretty much this is "unpractical" but it's just the way I approach this level of customization. Heck I am not even giving attention to the actual distance/time between point in sec spend.
  9. I'm sorry, but at this point I'm beginning to think you're just trolling. With the possible exception of Varrock, the Canifis portal is the most useful of the lot. oh yeah real professional you guys...I guess this community just can't get serious after all and I believe I mentioned importance/usefulness is irrelevant in this. If we were to include that then how do we define it in a quantifiable fashion? It's purely subjective base on what activity you do. For me it's just a node in the network, and hopefully it's not a dead-end. fyi I don't know what a troll is and I'm not going to be bothered to know. That piece of information won't be useful to this discussion. Oh and thanks for making this topic "hot". It is an honour to have created such lively discussion. Now if any of you actually do know what geomatics is, I like to hear your thought on this. Thanks.
  10. Well I have changed my mind many time where to place these thing and now here's the newest combination (without hard evidence it meet my goal): I personally don't agree with putting house in Yanille. I'd put them in hard to reach location. Taverly is reachable if you have access to mine cart, which lead from Varrock anyway. Relleka has Ring and/or tree from Mis/Etc. Brimhaven has Tree if chosen (a very wise choice I would think) Yanille...well...I opt to portal it instead... That leave Rimmington and Poll. Personally I am hoping Carpet will become free in the future so...finger crossed. So I'd leave house in Rimmy As for house portal, it's a debate between canifis vs lumby. They both have good alternative exit/entry thus won't affect the result anyway with the GE covered so I'll leave that till later. And the spirit tree will be placed in Brimhaven (glory too far away) and Port Sarim. It was hard to decide between that or Etc. but the Draynor/Sarim area don't have exit point nearby (wizzy tower farther than Miscellania dock) so it's a judgement call.
  11. oh I found the quest...too bad it's permanently crashed there lol...
  12. Anyone know what that is used for? It's beside the shortcut across the river. On the world map it look exactly like a gnome glider you'd find that actually has a transportation icon.
  13. Yes unfortunately this is pretty much just a constructed problem with a control environment. But as I said if we involve banking then this probably be bit more difficult (how many item to take out/put back in, where's the nearest bank, how to get THERE now etc...).So I didn't want to go that far. And I said above, house portal tab (the cracked one) are just another item, like ectophial, amulet, etc...the only difference is they're perishable. glory...right...thanks for that (post been edited)...been some time since I been interested in this problem (although it has always been in the back of my head, I just don't have a single idea how to even start solving it...) oh yeah I forgot to mention too now that you mention it, I don't want to have 3 chamber because the 2 portal will be redundant and that's bad overall. Beside, I think there is at least one portal in there that don't need to be considered of without risk (I'm thinking about Lumby now that canoes are axe-free, I can easily just reach that from GE...actually the reverse is probably true too...and ge has at least 2 other system to reach there anyway) Can you see why this might now be that simple? (okay maybe it's just me that can't see why it should be that simple LOL) ideally the house should be in a location that can't be reached easily. I agree Yanille fit that description as it don't have a reusable transportation method (from house it's only one way). But as I said importance/relevance is not considered here so it's only which combination can give me the maximum amount of destination.
  14. No. Because those are item that don't even actually teleport you to your house in the first place so the rest of the study would not be applicable as it all depend on starting from your house and using other "free" transportation along the way. :)
  15. I posted about this before elsewhere on here but I figure since this sub-forum is for "serious" discussion about efficiency and tactics I might as well re-introduce it here as I still don't have a definite solution to this problem. I'm trying to find out where should your house be located, with what portals in the chamber, where to place the 2 farmable spirit tree, and using any "free" transportation method (that is, no items/gp) in between travel (eg glider, canoe, fairy, etc...), so that you can choose to reach the maximum amount of destinations possible, starting with only a house teletab in other word, starting from your house (wherever it is) how many places can you reach without any item / gp / making trip to bank. I want to reiterate that no banking is involved during the whole travel duration. So this will eliminate having to switch for item with teleport capability. (after all, most of them don't disappear after you reach your location so perhaps you need to bank again to remove them) (this will make the study more controllable) Now for some basic math data background: --we have 6C1 (combinatoric: out of 6, choose 1; how many unique selection can exist) for house location; that mean there's 6 different way to locate your house. --in any house we can built a maximum of 6 portal from 2 chamber, out of 7 possible selection. So that's 7C6 = 7 --assuming you finished the newest gnome quest Prisoner of Glouphrie, you have 2 spirit tree plantable out 3 location: 3C2 = 3 All together we have 6*7*3=126 different combination of configuration based the above 3 factor. The question is which one (maybe multiple in case they're tied) of these can lead to the most location reachable. These location are without importance attribute so Varrock/GE is not more important than say, the Legend Guild and would not be given "preferential" treatment in the calculation process (although Varrock/GE is quite "important" when it comes to transfer in between systems as it has 4 different system sphere intersecting. I don't think any other location is this useful in terms of transportation.) And then there are a mounted glory in your quest hall which lead you to 4 constant destination, but since they can't change, they don't play a role beside as another transportation system, albeit having it's entry point in wherever your house is located at. Also, one way destination count as a final destination, but they're obviously dead end, if there is no alternative entry point to another system "nearby" (for those in spatial analysis: buffer problem sound familiar?). If it's not a dead end it will be considered in the rerouting/transfer in between system but the location itself is counted only once. For those that know some academic topic that sound related to this, I don't believe this is a variation of the Travel salesman problem as that involved finding the most efficient LOOP. This is more like a tree, starting from one places which is the top-most node, and counting how many nodes exist at the bottom of the hierarchy; repeat starting with other location/combination as above and compare final result. And remember. your house location is among the list of destinations. (we don't want clueless calculation that calculate the user having to travel around the world to reach Rellekka (if your house is there for instance) only to be wasted b/c you can just step out of your house and run for a bit. In actuality, we're going to assume the the user will start from anywhere with only a house teletab and from there begin the study, having one location down already. Because this is not heavily coordinate based, discretion is to be applied if one system entry point is to be belong in one "location", but that's for another reply later. I might add more detail when I thought of it but for now I can't remember any more that should be known. (I'm sure this problem to all of you compsci people will probably be no big feat (idk just build a big database with the specified linkage and do some elimination or smth) But I'm no computer scientist so these type of algorithmic looking problem baffle me.)
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