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  1. where is a good chinchompa training spot for a person with 1 def and 1 prayer and 75+ range
  2. what would be the best body for a 1 def pure with 1 prayer? would it be iron plate? And i'm not getting ghostly
  3. im thinking of making an acc 1 def 1 prayer 60 attack 99 strength 85 hp 73 cb would this be a successful dds staker?
  4. imo the only people who say theres no point in rares are people who can't afford rares and you seriously think every single partyhat santa hat and halloween mask will be lost to a npc or ban, thats absolutely rediculess
  5. if i were to make a lvl 73 no armor dds staker would most of the people i'm fighting have a whip as a second weapon or a dragon scimmy
  6. change of plans, pcing to 99 from 85 magic will get some hp lvls then look for a clan
  7. I was wondering the same thing, you must have merchanted for quite a while then...? I gave money from main to friend i know irl, and he gave to ixl o o ixl P.S just got 83 magic
  8. sent in a job application and am probably going for 76 magic tonight
  9. i finished the night with 74 magic. my mom wants me to go job hunting tomorrow so i dont think i'll get much done
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