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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. Thought about maybe some more hybrid skills? Here's some I thunk up a minute ago: - Construction + Dungeoneering. Love Story added the Dungeon Pit, but perhaps with X Dungeoneering (or just X Tokens) you can have a Dungeon Challenge Room at Y Level? - RuneCraft + Crafting. This could solve the magic armour arms race - Imbuing Fabrics with properties. - Smithing + Slayer + RuneCraft. New weaponry, continuing the Imbuing theme - Fletching + Slayer + RuneCraft. New weaponry, continuing on the Imbuing theme - Agility + RuneCraft + Construction. Magical constructs, anyone? Hell, add in Crafting and Smithing, or possibly Magic too, and you've got a whole new style of combat. - Firemaking + Prayer + Slayer. Purge the Unclean! No i'm not saying 'dude flaming weapons' but, technically, yes. Using Prayer, imbue Holy Water. Use said Holy Water to bless logs. Use logs on Fonts - ooh, a Construction add-on for the Chapel or Dungeon Challenge Rooms.
  3. The suggestions I made on the commands were meant to replace the current ones. Cheers for the feedback. I'll edit up the topic soon enough.
  4. Thought about adding Magic Stones to the 80/90 Mage Armour? Support. ;)
  5. Ooh, I know we have the Fighting Calculator but what if the team added a feature to either: a) Allow us to imput IDs in the Bestiary into the calculator manually with an output of the LP total b) Add a button on each bestiary entry to link to the calculator
  6. Turn Structure Selection Phase - Up to 3 Recruits may be selected each turn, however only 1 of them may be a Champion. Selected units are the only ones which may act or be affected by Commands. Movement Phase - One of the Recruits selected may be moved according to their Movement stat. Commands may be used. Combat Phase - Two of the Recruits selected may attack. If the one which Moved was the one to attack, they will cause -100 Damage. Rally Phase - Commands may be used. The player may choose to forfeit and/or End Turn. Recruitment Each unit appears to be quite badly made, imho, by Jagex. While these changes I suggest may not be better, or fairer, I think they at least give a bit more character to each choice. Scout: 0pts (each slot is filled by a scout which must be upgraded). Damage 50, HP 100, Movement 7, Range 1. Scouts may move through obstacles as open ground. Foot Soldier: +50pts. Damage 100, HP 350, Movement 3, Range 2. Foot Soldiers gain +1 Movement for each other Foot Soldier within 3 Squares. Halbardier: +100pts. Damage 150, HP 450, Movement 4, Range 3. Knight: +125pts. Damage 300, HP 550, Movement 3, Range 2. Knights gain +100 damage against Rangers, and Halbardiers. Mage: +125pts. Damage 300, HP 350, Movement 4, Range 5. Mages gain +100 damage against Knights and Foot Soldiers. Ranger: +125pts. Damage 250, HP 350, Movement 5, Range 6. Rangers gain +100 damage against Mages and Foot Soldiers. Champion: +300pts. Damage 400, HP 600. Movement 5, Range 2. Champions may attack multiple targets in one turn, but if they do so then each target other than the first strikes before them with +100 Damage. Up to 1/2 of your army may be Champions. Commands The entire command system seems so wrong tbph. The costs are far too low compared to the advantages, and some abilities are totally dumb. Two parts to this: 1) No more 5 turn cooldowns. All abilities, aside from those noted, should be 2 turn cooldowns. 2) You should be able to trade in your movement for more points. +25pts for not making a move. But the commands? - Coup De Grace: 125pts. A random Command may be used twice this turn, with the second use costing no points. - Solitude: 100pts. The target may not attack or react this turn. (This is Chastise minus the movement thing) - Deflect: 75pts. The target gains halves damage against them this turn. Half of the damage stopped is added to your Command Points. 3 Turn Cooldown. - Battle Cry: 75pts. The target doubles any damage that they cause this turn. A Quarter of this damage is added to your Command Points. 3 Turn Cooldown. - Palisade: 75pts. The target and other recruits (friend and foe) within one square may not be attacked this turn. - Bountiful: 50pts. The target gains +300HP for the next 2 turns. 4 Turn Cooldown. - Glorious: 50pts. The target doubles their move this turn, but loses 200 damage. - Honour: 50pts. The target may attack before other recruits this turn, and deals +100 damage. - Destitute: 25pts. You may cancel a command made by yourself or your opponent, however the cost of that command is reimbursed. 4 Turn Cooldown. - Second Wind: 25pts. The target is healed for 100HP. 1 Turn Cooldown. Doctrines Doctrines are an idea i've had to really increase the variation in your forces. Each Doctrine GIVES a certain number of Recruitment Points to be spent on your force, in addition to the standard 1000. Doctrines are always present, and have no cooldown as such. - Defensive: +100pts. You gain 25 more command points per turn, and take 100 less damage from combats. - Aggressive: +100pts. You gain 25 more command points per turn, and take 100 less damage from combats. - Balanced: +150pts. You gain 50 more command points per turn, but lose 1 Movement. - Raider: +150pts. Scouts gain +2 Range and +100 Damage, but Champions cost +100pts. Commands cost +10pts. - Behemoth: +200pts. All Recruits cost half their points, but you may not use Commands other than Second Wind or Palisade. - Elite: +0pts. Champions cost half their points, but become unlimited. Knights cost -25pts.
  7. I'll keep this sweet and simple. No requirements, Community Clan, Range of Events, and Fun! Good luck with whichever clan you choose/have chosen.
  8. Hey! Good to see someone looking for a community clan. Well, DV certainly is one - no requirements and loads of fun!
  9. http://www.tip.it/runescape/?page=durial321_interview.htm Classic. Good articles, certainly looking forward to the Runefest review, Stormrage! It's a shame that Jagex put the ticket prices so high or else i'd be joining you! :(
  10. Good luck with whichever clan you pick. ;)
  11. I'm supportive of Dungeoneering, but I can see where other people come from when they dislike it. Unfortunately, white it was SIX YEARS AGO that Jagex first said that they wanted to do the Random Generated Dungeons BEFORE WOW AND ALL OF THOSE GAMES WHICH ALREADY DO IT EVEN STARTED. O wait, WoW just has dungeons and they're not random. Not even the Elite monsters... So I don't see the problem. RS was slow but they did it...
  12. Good to have some feedback. I'll change the drop rates soon. Added my work in progress Heroic Bandos stuff. This is the main area of the GWD which is having changes in Heroic, with a new layout and all. With the fact that Graador is fought solo, he is INCREDIBLY buffed in comparison to his normal version, but he also loses his Ranged attack making him Mono Melee. Grimspike gains his Ranged attack on death.
  13. Any recommendations on drop rate? I'm not exactly one of those people who tries to document the drop rate for various things you know. I should note that i'm basing my tables upon this: My system adds modifiers to the table, of course: - What if Ring of Wealth gives a 10% modifier to all drops anyway - having a single person in the group applies the bonus to the table before Lootshare decides the player who recieves the drop. - The table is also modified by Kill Count in excess to the 40 required to enter the room. For each 10 KC in the group, the table is modified by 1%. Not a lot, but there's a maximum of 100 people who can enter a clan chat. Therefore, if everyone got 10 it would be a guaranteed Boss drop for the group, and if everyone got 20 it would be a guaranteed God drop. It's only the lootshare which has to be considered after that :P - What if you have a Mjohnir - you know, those things you get from the Enchanted Key sidequest of Meeting/Making History? These give +1 attempt on the tables if at least one player deals a hit to a boss while they have it equipped. Finally a good use for them. - Drop Potential is also a factor. The lowest potential will be used for the modifier. For each 25k potential, there is a 1% modifier. These affect both probabilities of being 'rolled' on a certain table as well as the probability of an item coming up. EDIT: - Saradomin Drops now PERCENTAGE based. At least one piece of Anointed will drop with each kill of Zilyana. There is a 25% chance of Elven Bow drop. - Starting on Armadyl Drops
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