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  1. Personally, i would not choose the Skullcandy pair. I owned them before and i was satisfied at the start but eventually just hated them :P The bass isn't the best you could get, i've heard better bass on some of the sony headphones (the ones with the buds :oops: ) Secondly they are not sturdy, infact, there really fragile. I managed to snap mine at the opening of the extension so they are now useless :thumbdown: . Hope this helps in any way :)
  2. Well annoyed as every Scot was we still did however beat FRANCE twice =D> and that i guess is better than nothing ?? And also were we not like 64th ranked in the world and now 13th or something. Well thats what i have been told :) Now to the England match.. C'mon Croatia please win :lol: but alas it is not 2-2 so not much hope anymore, but i need to believe and sorry to any English fan i just... hope you lose :D EDIT: 3-2 Croatia WOOHOO :D Another Edit: Croatia win England lose Tough luck England you played a good game
  3. I really hope celtic go through :D. shame they got a hard group. But Rangers :o there group of really bad i mean.. Barca Stutgart and Lyon. How Could Lyon lose 3-0 like that :( Now rangers will get through and Celtic wont :( However in euro 08 c'mon Scotland :thumbsup: i mean double over FRANCE, how unbelievable is that. We should hopefully beat Ukraine sadly no chance against Italy, but if we get through wow i will be happy
  4. *shudders* i was waiting to see the dreadded word :P Flax... i might as well attempt it :D
  5. hi. i've just started as a skiller and i'm trying to make enough to buy a dragon wc axe if anyone has any suggestions on what i should do it would be welcome :D
  6. 1. Bloc Party :D 2. H.I.M 3. Enter Shikari 4. Bob Marley 5. Feeder
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