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  1. Will the extra drops be added to the Automation Tracers? Thank You for your time.
  2. Arceus and Levells Thank You for the information !
  3. Hello and welcome Slayers. After getting the Tracking Gloves from the Automation Generators and the Sratic Gloves from the Automation Guardians. I decided to go for the Pneumatic Gloves from the Automation Tracers, after killing like about a thousand of them, no luck. Oh well. However, here are the additional drops from the Automation Tracers not listed: Charms - Gold, Green, Crimson and Blue Spirit Sapphire Spirit Emerald Spirit Ruby Uncut Diamond Uncut Dragonstone Loop Half of Key (40) Anagogic Orts (5) Rune Javelins (which I thought was strange as a drop) Gp - Not dropped very often, however I got 313 gp and 353 gp If it's Alive --- Slay It
  4. If you can say that you are happy on the way you are playing RS .... so be it ! " HOWEVER " Playing RS since "06" I remember killing a dragon for it's dragon bone and taking that bone to my POH altar and right clicking (left clicking will bury it) the bone than clicking on the altar ..... this took forever. But now it's a big difference with all the real life money floating around and the game is getting easier to level. You now can buy the bones and click one time on the altar and use "all". I can honestly say that " I Played and Enjoyed Runescape "
  5. Hello Slayers, Just wanted to see what drops we are getting from the Celestrial Dragons? So far the drops I have are: 100% Drops (1) Dragon Bone Armour (1) Draconic Visage - Dropped at 1:30 am (EST) on 3/11 (1) Rune Platebody (8) Noted Steel Platebodies Runes (15) Astral Runes (20) Cosmic Runes Misc (2) Noted Water Talismans (4) Noted Fire Talismans (1) Noted Battlestaff (4) Noted Adamant Bars (4) Noted Unicorn horns (4) Noted Dagannoth Hides (4) Noted Green Dragonhides (4) Noted Blue Dragonhides (4) Noted Red Dragonhides (4) Noted Black Dragonhides (1) Spin Ticket Charms (2) Brown Charms (2) Green Charms (2) Crimson Charms (2) Blue Charms Charms are dropping (2) at a time. They drop Crimson Charms more than any other charms.
  6. What kind of xp do you get for doing Jack of all Trades?
  7. Please Add : Vial of Water, (1) Eye of Newt, (1) Grimy Dwarf Weed, and (1) Grimy Marrentill
  8. What Drops Are The Ganodermic Beasts Droppimg? Seeds : Yew, Magic, Spirit, Lantadyme, Torstol, Snapdragon, Watermelon Herbs : Ranaar Others : Long Bone, Flax Just recieved a Dragon Dagger on November 29 at 10:30 pm. (eastern USA, -5 GMT) Very Odd ! Diverman If It Moves ---> Slay It
  9. The Warped Tortoises dropped a Mith Warhammer on Thurday, September 20, 2007 at 3:29 pm (eastern USA). I have to kill 184 Tortoises for Slayer (LVL 81) so I'll let everyone know if there are any other items that needs to be added. So can you Please add this item (Mith Warhammer) to the list. Thank You ! :thumbsup:
  10. Just want to let everyone know that the Warped Tortoises are dropping Mith Warhammers. It was dropped on Thursday, September 20, 2007 at 3:29 pm (eastern USA). This Item isn"t listed on the site yet so Please put it on....Thank You! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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