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  1. Meh, I have supporters for the levels i ahve em now, By the way, Who prays to hit higher? Or to not lose an item when you die? Or to protect from damage? Or deal damage when you die?
  2. Look, If they were lower, They would be more than one prayer per level.. Can you help me with that problem?
  3. Added a support list, and eddited them nameless prayers. Anyway, I was sitting theiving warriors when I thought, "What if there was a prayer to help theive?" Then I thought, Most skills could use a prayer!
  4. Ive been looking, and ive found theres NO non combat prayer. I have some ones i think are good. All drains are twice of that of rapid restore. 56: Meal for a god. Effect: Less chance to burn food, 2% chance to get Blessed food, Heals one more than before. 64: Fish fingers (Thanks GlobalX!) Effect: Fish become more atracted to you, Chances of a giant fish is increased by 5%. 68: Nimble fingers Effect: Chance of being caught theiving is reduced by 5%, Damage taken is reduced by a point. Eg: Men dont deal any damage if you are caught 72: Nimble Feet Effect: Restore energy 10% faster. 78: Regal runes Effect: You may get *2 runes for each of your ess, but per ess. Like. You have 1, the effect activates, 2 runes. You have 2, the effect activates you get 3. you get 3 and the effect activates twice, you get 5. 82: Heavy Hands (Thanks global X!) Effect: Mine ores 10% faster 90: Great luck: Effect: Better chance of getting good drops. 95: Animal atraction: Effect: Helps with fishing, as well as hunting. 10% faster fishing and 10% faster hunting. This is my first ever suggestion.. Dont hate. [hide=support list]GlobalX sk8_tolivv hbk_hossack PrOfEsIoNaL [/hide] Thanks for the support guys.
  5. Basically a fun or stake duel, Armor, Everything on, Nothing dissabled. Movement on, too. I cannot vid, But if you want to vid, go ahead. (Give me it please :]) Stats: 63 atk (currently) 69 or 70 str. (Going for 70, prolly will be there by the time you message me.) 60 def 63+ hp I am on from 3:15 AEST to 10:00 AEST (No life ;-;)
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