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  1. Alright, thankss. Wait, do you lose a lot of money alching Yew longs or Green d hide bodies?
  2. I could do that, and I most likely will after I spend money on 99's first. But, I was wondering which are the best to get with only 60M.
  3. Hey, I was wondering. What's the best method to get 99 Mage, by alching?
  4. epeeee how much cash you really have? Neeeeeeeeeeeeber, around..10gp? but..i'm thinking about selling all mai junk. And! your laaaaaameeeeeeee for dissapearing.
  5. Lol, profit :mrgreen:. Everything i do in rs is to make geepee. Strangely.
  6. Sorry =P I have ... better things to do =P Nah, just hardly have the time to play RuneScape anymore.. Sorry =P Keep missing me though. Runescape is for losers. Ehh... You are a loser? -Buzzer- Wrong answer st33f3rz
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