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  1. Hmm. I was able to get 5.1k lp boost and 2.5k armor bonus from void + addy kite/boots. I'll probably end up getting 50+ defense for rune anyway, but it doesn't look like jagex completely screwed over rune pures in beta (yet). It just depends on how important lp boost is going to be for pvm/pvp. They upped the defense req on most d'hides though, so armor choice is more limited in that respect.
  2. Orly? at my apt. according to my roommates, its pretty fast, and im like wtf? this is slow as balls, i really want them to take this at their houses And we pay $60 a month for this, with a 10gb download limit. It's either this or dial-up for us. :/ $80/month and 17gb download limit. Gotta love price gouging for people in rural areas.
  3. Gf Jagex. Last two rolls were tats as extremely rare. I'll be spending it on 73 summon or 61 rc, will edit with the xp after I do it. EDIT: 23,572 xp @ 73 summoning
  4. I was wondering how that would go. The sad thing was that I was testing out some cbers before that party left. They were managing 9-13 minute times after doing 3-6s in frozens. I cried a little.
  5. Well, time to let my membership expire. I'm not going to support Jagex if they take away features for f2p.
  6. Just go to a random floor c1 solo and charge your blastbox. You get 90-100 deaths and 100+ airs each time you start out, so you can just leave and come back on c1 until your blastbox is charged. For your second bind, I'd recommended a fractite axe/pic (one less thing to buy at the start) or a bow. Keep in mind that you only have 1 ammo bind, so you can't have blastbox and arrows bound at the same time.
  7. The fastest xp is training on giant spiders (don't forget your str pot). If those are too crowded, fleshies are next in line.
  8. I only train prayer through lamps, so it probably won't be up for a while. Thanks :D.
  9. Since I had a 4 day weekend, I decided to grind to 1.3k total. I got 1.2k total with 95 fm, so it was fitting to get 1.3k with this. 99 fm [hide][/hide] 1.3k total [hide][/hide] Next up is 90 mage and then wcing 'til the bots come home.
  10. You forgot to edit out your name on the last one ;). Gratz on the 99's and the clue scroll. Your bank makes my ocd rage a bit, but at least the top part of your first tab is somewhat organized :P.
  11. Good job mindlessly droning the miniquest in general and not paying attention to the actual question. "In an update on or before December 19th, 2010, Strongbones stopped dropping his bone and instead, after defeating him, he would concede defeat and answer questions like in the Land of the Goblins Quest. This happens even if the player wears nothing at all. This glitch has yet to be fixed. " Glitch it seems. *Rages at jagex*. Looks like I'll have to get more non-quested prayer xp to get a holy wrench before next week. Thanks though. I would have probably wasted 10+ more ppots before ragequitting.
  12. I've killed the first 4 preists and gotten their bones, but the last one doesn't give its bones and just stays down (like it does during the quest). I've tried logging in/out, taking off my ammy of ghostspeak/ring of visibility, not using prayer, not using food, and not using pots. Anything else I could do other than rage?
  13. Hm. I did that, and he didn't show up. I went to go do some hunter and he came back. Thanks though :D.
  14. You might try building a dining hall, and the bellpull that's supposed to summon your butler when pulled. It says that I don't have a servant in the house when I pull it :/.
  15. So I just started construction a few days ago, and re-designed my house yesterday. I tore down the bedrooms that I needed for a butler, and I assumed that I could buy the butler back after I was done building the new bedrooms. When I got to the servant place in Ardounge, they said that I already had a servant. So now I don't have a butler in my house and can't buy one. Is there any way to fix this glitch?
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