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  1. thanks for all your consolation, guys. :) I'm heading up for nashiville tomorrow to go to my grandmother's funeral.. its gonna really suck.. then im going to oklahoma for my grandfather's. :cry: and don't worry, i won't become emo. :wink:
  2. First up: Grandpa. My Grandpa; 79 year old kook, but we all still love him. Ok, about a week ago, my mom called her parents to see what's up-MY GRANDPA HAS CANCER. He has apparently had it for so long, it has grown to all of his body. So, they took him to the doctor-NOT. They just sit there at home and talk about the old days. But, the good thing is, he doesn't have to work due to his major ailment-NOT. He wants to go to work because he knows he has to feed his family. He works 14 hours a day. That should really help him, right? Doctors expect him to pass on within a week from now. Second: Grandmother My grandmother; she is as fragile as china dishes. She breaks if you tap her. She lives in a nursing home, now, and has suffered multiple broken bones within the last 6 months. She calls almost daily telling us how much she loathes the nursing home there. Just about 15 minutes ago, my mother recieves a call. It's about my grandmother. Aneurysm. Whoopsy-doo. She died tonight. Third: Father Car wreck. Need I say more? Fourth: Uncle Kidneys = exploded Stomach = ruptured Fifth: Uncle number 2 Passed out because he forgot his insulin, had a seizure, broke his arm and foot, and obtained a muscle eating bacteria whilst he was knocked out for his 2-day hiatus. Arm was amuptated. Still has the bacteria, and expected to die within a month. Freakin' old people and their nimble bodies... Why can't people just die when they want to instead of leaving us all...
  3. i just got a huge freaking pile of em just now.. all which Jagex denied in less that 20 seconds, saying i was in control of the account the whole time. here are some of them. [Message between the player and jagex removed. You can tell what is was about, but not copying the exact content. ~Kill Life] I would love to post more, but the more i think about it, the more angry i get with jagex and the fools who created the offense appeal.
  4. smithing, mining essense in non member. when i reached 7k i thought i was richer than zezima, or some other person you'd think would be rich.. so i went around screaming that i was richer than everyone in world 45. sad, yet interesting story, eh?
  5. im thinking of making a runescape GIF picture, thats more of a "movie-picture", i guess, like, it's not one simple image, it moves around and whatnot? and it repeats... uhh, wait lemme get an example. , only based on runescape. haha, can anyone help me out with this?
  6. That was the funniest thing ive ever seen in my life. :lol: has anyone else seen it?
  7. 112 Headbanging without a Cradle of Filth Potion. :shock:
  8. well, at the moment...i just made this trade...dragon scimmi for 200k. :twisted:
  9. ok, this just happened to me just now. i was merchanting in varrok west bank Me:Buying Mage Comp 275k! (Name) wishes to trade with you. Accepts trade. Me and noob: Ty. Me:Selling Mage Comp 325k! Noob:Scammer! Noob:Kanonator is a scammer! Me:Uhm, im not scamming, im merchanting... Noob:Thats not wut u wer doin you were scamming!!!!! Noob:Reported Me:Rofl... At this point im rapidly searching these forums for this thread. :lol:
  10. Hey, I started this story about a week back. I'm not sure what to call it, though. If you have any suggerstions, I would dearly love to hear them. So far, it's basically just a Fiction story about these 2 boys, Craig and Drake, and they keep getting into these interestingly crazy predicaments, this one is about Aliens, which I am heavily interested in. I'm trying to make it a Chapter Series, like Hank the Cowdog, if any of you have heard of him. Hank the Cowdog encouraged me to be a writer and such, and is still my favorite book. I don't like boring parts in stories, so I decided to make the story the most entertaining and interesting as I could. I just decided to write about 2 years ago, and at the moment I'm only 13, so cut me some slack! Please tell me how you like it! Chapter 1: Night Crawlers Craig and Drake were in a garbage dump searching for old CDs and Video Games. ÃÆââââ¬Å¡Ã¬Ãâ¦Ã¢â¬ÅHey, Drake!ÃÆââââ¬Å¡Ã¬ÃâÃ
  11. ^ im not surprised. so many woodcutting, fishing, crafting, smithing guys going around now...
  12. uhm............................... someone help, please. :lol:
  13. The Demos and other Songs by Job For a Cowboy and Wecamewithbrokenteeth
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