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  1. Nice post, its cool to see old screenies and stuff.. brings back memories.
  2. Thanks Wrench! I'm training on giant skeletons until I'm 60-65 defence though, cause its a waste of food with low def. If anyone wants to train with me, they're welcome :thumbsup:
  3. Its not very useless, because if there wasn't a rule.. what would you report those idiots who advertise sites that sell RSGP for IRL money?
  4. Heeey Hobo! Thanks for posting on my blog. Great blog yourself, awesome levels and reachable goals. GL! PS: Think you could post my blog here?
  5. Heey Mountain! :thumbsup: Grats on your cb lvl Grade, gonna start editing my blog now! :
  6. MOST CURRENT LEVEL UP: 59DEF! [hide][/hide] Corny Joke of the day: Why are skeletons so lonely? Because they have no-body! Introduction: My names Jordan, I'm from Azilda Ontario and I like any kind of art, music, visuel art and drama. Writing/reading is also a passion of mine and so is RS :XD:. I started playing RuneScape about 5-6 months ago and I've learned a lot about it since then.. anyways, enjoy this little blog! I'm Cobrafang93 in RS, and JJGM here (duuuh). I decided to start a little blog about my goal of 100cb in free to play. I'm gonna be getting it all in karamja or the SOS (stronghold of security) if I get bored of lessers. I'm only level 78 right nowwww. But I'm hoping to be 100 in a few months. Here are my stats at the begginning of this blog[hide] [/hide] And now: (note; most of my stats dont show up yet, but they will soon) [hide][/hide] Bank! [hide][/hide] Heres my start/current/goal stats (red = leveled up): Attack: 71/71/80 Strenght: 61/62/89 Defense: 57/58/80 Hitpoints: 62/63/78 Prayer: 44/44/52 Mage/range: 40/42/60 Level ups! :XD: Attack: [hide]None yet :\[/hide] Strenght: [hide][/hide] Defence: [hide]58/80 Defence! :thumbsup: [/img][/hide] HP: [hide][/hide] Range/Magic: [hide]X[/hide] Random picturesss: Some pure does D-slayer at a low cb level. [hide][/hide] IMPORTANT (that means keep reading xD): My chats ALWAYS *ON*. So add me ffs! I'm gonna get bored as hell! I'll always be on W7 killing giant skeles or Lessers in Karamja, or at the SOS on the third floor. So come visit, or add me! :D I'll also be on TIF's chat (Lightning for those who didn't know).
  7. F2P started at the bottom of the hill imo, even if I'm completely F2P.. 'Noob' ruined RS.
  8. Its awesome, but can you make the red a little darker please? :D
  9. I think you've got it. Well, I don't really hate skillers, pkers or high levels.. But I have been a little mean to them before, and I'll try to stop. Good thread. :idea:
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