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  1. I must say that I enjoy the minigame style that training this skill has. It's nice to be able to train a skill without having to pull out calculators to determine optimal gp/xp gained per hour. It's the first skill that I actually enjoy training, mainly just because it's not "click on spot x and wait until your inventory is full of item y, rinse and repeat till level 99" Jumped from level 7 to level 14 doing a large 4 man dungeon with a party of 5. Took us about an hour and a half to unlock all the rooms that we could, (one door was a lvl 99 rc door, and mind you this was on floor 4) so I can't say that the experience rate is the best per hour. If it increases as you go up in level, though, it should work out. I would love to see non-tradable items granted through the dungeons as rewards only, so that you don't have to only benefit from this skill through the token system. It would at least make this skill more relevant in the long run. I would say that even though this feels like a minigame, it does work as a skill. I'm having fun training a skill for the first time in a long while, which is most definitely a good thing. I only hope that they update this skill more, and soon, otherwise people are going to start losing interest fast.
  2. Why the hell would you remove appeals?!?!?!?! Appeals are for telling Jagex they made a mistake, IF (and they have) made a mistake in banning a player for macroing, they would have no way of telling or notifiying Jagex. GREAT IDEA. Real genius. I mean... Jagex never made the best decisions, but.... :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall:
  3. Someone might be talking to a friend or fishing. You can easily go up to 30 minutes without clicking at lower fishing levels whilst trying to fish sharks or lobsters.
  4. Very disturbing that they do not allow appeals for macroing. Knowing Jagex's "AWESUM UBAR RUAL BRAKEING DECTUCTSHUN", they're bound to ban someone that shouldn't be banned. But then again, Jagex hardly ever reads appeals, so I guess this won't matter. :roll:
  5. I r gud at slaying teh psychopaths? +1 cookie to you if you know what game this is from.
  6. Our rival, Runehq, has changed to Chikin HQ. I propose we change to Appultipz. Cause everyone knows that appuls are more nutritious than chikin.
  7. So let me get this straight... you're whining about whiners?
  8. I hated getting randoms before, when they showed up a lot more, simply because they took time out of my day and gave me pieces of clothing/worthless junk. Now that they update them and make them fun and rewarding to get, the lower the rate. #-o
  9. I was recently playing Cabal Online (I've stopped playing Runescape seriously, but I still occasionally play on Ftp) with a few clan mates, and we were talking about how hard it was to afford and get the end game equipment. In case you were wondering, the End-game equipment is a series of hard to get eqipment sets, armor, and weapons that only people who have maxed out classes can wear. They're rare drops from high level bosses, and some are rare drops in pvp. They also have insane costs. (I'd say the runescape eqivalent in cost would be somewhere around 800 million gp to buy a set.) So I was thinking about this while playing RS, and I just really wondered how the community would feel about equipment like this. If there was equipment and armor that was extremely rare to obtain, and could only be worn by people who had levels over 90, would you try to get it? Would you think that it would be "fair"? Currently, the "best" (quite arguable) armor, based on levels, is the pvp armor, which degrades and is hard to obtain. That being said, it's wearable at level 78, and the max is 99. Do you think there should be "end-game" equipment for maxed-out players?
  10. :o #-o -.- XD, I've seen Girl's gone wild ads on there before... xD
  11. Timmy's caught so many shark, people ask him for help all the time! xD xD First time I've actually loled for real. What a joke. OMG I LAWST MUNEZ BAI BREAKING TEH RULZ AND GETUNG HAXED I GO ON NEWS N0W K THANX BAI? Must have been a reaaaaaaaally slow news day at the office, huh?
  12. I've played runescape since summer of 05, and I quit in November... Been playing WoW since the beginning of december... I just got so bored of runescape, it stopped being a matter of skill whilst playing and instead became just where and how I clicked... I don't know if I'll get bored of WoW or not though. :?
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