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  1. jimv

    Something to ponder

    I quit Runescape. I posted my account details on the Runescape Offical forums in an attempt to get my account deleted. While I was still logged in to the RS forums, someone else logged into my account and edited my post. The post showed that I had edited it. So much for Runescapes multiple log-in detection. I posted the info again and it took about 10 minutes for a moderator to lock the post and ban me from the forums. Within the next 5 minutes, I went to the Tip.It forums and posted the information there to try and get my Tip.It account deleted. It took about 5 miuntes or so for someone to reply there that the password did not work. I engaged in a couple of replies there while waiting for my account to stop working. I was informed that Tip.It does not delete accounts by a moderator there and decided to see if my Runescape account was still active or not. I went back to the Runescape site and tried to log-in. I got the incorrect password message. So I filed a stolen password recovery, just to nail the little jerk that was using the account. More than likely it is the person that edited my forum post in the first place. This is a prime example of one of the reasons I quit Runescape. So many people there are so desperate to look good in game that they will cheat in any way that they can to do so. This is why the Runescape community is one of the worst on the Internet. These are the pop-culture idiots that play to show off to their friends or the jerks that play just to try and humiliate others by calling them noob or the like. Basically to try and bully them online while they hide behind their computer. I played Runescape because it was a large game that was going to take a lot of time to complete. I did not care if anyone else played it not. I played it for myself, not for anyone else. I happen to enjoy playing video games. Jagex is responsible, or irresponsible if you prefer, for the pathetic state of Runescape. They simply stopped giving a rat's behind about being able to actually play runescape and started catering to the groups mentioned above. They did it for the money. It is much easier for them to keep putting out crap that appeases those groups and keeps them paying, than it is to put out a quality game and keep the people that actually want to play the game. It is much easier to make the game so simple that idiots can play it than to keep a degree of difficulty that keeps the idiots away. I am not the first to quit after years of playing and likely won't be last. You do realize that the game was made so simple as a way of fighting real world trading and macroing don't you? Why would anyone want to real world trade or macro when buying their level is so easy in game? The question I have is, why would anyone want to buy their levels to begin with? (Rhetorical question that I answered above.) So, all you macroers, level buyers, account hackers, show-offs and anyone else that doesn't want to do their own work in any game, you are the problem. Same goes for those that only play because they think it will make them popular. Bet you are exactly the same way in everything you do. Your levels do not make you better than anyone else. All levels should mean is that you spent more time playing the game than someone lower level than you. Or not as much time as someone higher level than you. Yes, the time may depend on what you were doing in game, but you know exactly what I meant. See, the fact that I had to include that last sentence proves in itself how pathetic that the 'community" is. For anyone that may wonder why I don't just join in on what I mentioned above; Because I know that I am better than that and I will not sink to that level. Think about it. Last post and I will not be answering any replies.
  2. Omali

    In b4 Jimv's next attempt to get himself banned from TIF.

  3. Nah. I don't want the account to exist anymore. That is why I posted the info on the RS forums. So if someone is using it report them.
  4. If the pass doesn't work, then they already locked my account. And yes it is the real info. Figured they would have deleted my account here by now.
  5. I already deleted thetip.it and runescape links from my favorites and bookmarks. I already got myself banned from the RS forums and hopefully my runecape account deleted. To those that wrote the skill guides and the quest guides here, thanks for your help. Just to make sure that this account gets banned or deleted here is what I put in the RS froums: I am quitting this so-called game. I quit once before and came back becasue I noticed some changes had been made to the game. Unfortunately all of those changes, except for getting rid of the old BS wilderness, just made the game worse. Runescape barely qualifies as a game anymore, as it is more of a social center for pop-culture idiots. <mod edit> Good riddance.
  6. Jagex may have intended to put cannons in the game, but they also intended to put 26King into the game. Don't even say that they didn't, because they would have to be complete idiots not to have known that it would get used as it did. The only reason that they changed it was because of so many people being against it. But cannoners, just like 26Kers, would rather take advantage of it than point out the problems with it. When people don't fight the crap like cannons or 26King and let it become entrenched in the game they become just as bad as people that do bug abuse.
  7. Brilliant strawman argument -- I never said anything about buying things with real money. How about you actually argue against the points I bring up? I am buying the advantage with money that I earned IN THE GAME by PLAYING THE GAME. Jagex put cannons in the game on purpose, and they allowed their use in a large number of places. You seem to limit your potential by not using a cannon -- that's fine, I just prefer to use my full potential. Jagex themselves said that their rules are essentially "get bigger or get out" -- the cannon is part of it, just as much as using a whip over a dragon scimitar or using Dragon Claws for specs. And I'm feeble for not making my own ammo? I'm feeble by giving money to others to do a task that I don't want to do myself? They value the money more than the cannonballs, I value the cannonballs more than the money. I don't see where anyone loses here. If Jagex intended us to make the ammo for the cannon ourselves, they wouldn't have made the cannonballs tradeable. No you did not say anything about buying things with real money, however you did say that paying for something made you deserve the advantage. Your statement was very generalized. The point is that the cannons should not have been put into the game. Which is exactly what I said. Something that can ruin a whole area for everyone else in it should not be in the game. If you want to use a cannon in a single combat area then get a hand cannon. It is total BS when, for example, 3 players are fighting the black demons in Taverly dungeon and one blankhole comes in and sets up a cannon destroying the dungeon for the others. As for the not making your own ammo, this game has become just buy your levels instead of actually playing the game for yourself. This is sold as an adventuring game not as an economic simulation game. Why would anyone pay to play a game, then turn around and try to find any way they can to get out of actually playing it? If you do not want to play a particular part of the game, then you should have to do without the things that playing that part of the game gets you. Jagex sucks for catering to the buy your levels crowd. I don't even like buying from NPCs unless I have to because I can not make/obtain the stuff for myself. Meaning that there is no way to do so in game, not that I don't have the levels. If I don't have the level to do something, I do without until I get the level.
  8. So we are scum because we choose to use an advantage that Jagex provided us, not to mention the money that we shell out to actually buy this advantage? Ignore the idiots. If we pay the money for it, we deserve the advantage that it gives. That is all. People are using it... because it's effective? It's fast, the drops pay for the cannonballs and then some? That's the way it works. Oh so by your example then if Jagex sold in game advantages for real money you would deserve it because you paid for it. Games that do that are total garbage as are the lowlifes that put them out. For your information I could easily afford over 1K cannons, but I would not even consider buying one because they should not be in the game. And you even pointed out another thing about SOME cannon users, feeble idiots like you that can't or won't even make they own ammo for the cannons. You just want it to run up your levels to make it look like you can actually play a video game.
  9. So we are scum because we choose to use an advantage that Jagex provided us, not to mention the money that we shell out to actually buy this advantage? Yep. Just because you can do something does not mean that you should. So instead of pointing out the BS that cannons cause you would rather just take "advantage" of it. 750K max is hardly expensive.
  10. It's single combat...? I was not just referring to the green dragons.
  11. Cannons suck. They were put into the game by a complete piece of garbage. People that use them are scum in my opinion. All they do is allow one person to completely ruin an entire area for every one else.
  12. I actually heard of RuneHQ before Tip.it, but HQ was way too g-rated for me. Anyways, I marked other because I actually heard about tip.it just reading the chat one day while I played. I don't remember exactly what I was doing, but one player said to another, "That is what you get for using tip.it". I didn't know what they were talking about so I googled it and viola. I didn't register for the forums for awhile, I just read the information, but I don't think the forums were quite as Jagex butt-kissy as they are today. The joined to the left is the second time I joined. Started reading tip.it over 4 years ago.
  13. Try monkfish. They are pretty fast to catch and if you catch enough to get to 99 fishing you should be pretty close to 99 cooking after you cook them all. You stop burning monks in the high 70s without the gauntlets so you shouldn't burn many with them. If you have some logs , you can light a fire right outside the Piscatoris bank and cook them there as well. Which gives you a little fm experience also. The quests for monks are not that hard. Monks are decent food to use after you cook them.
  14. Through all my woodcutting I have noticed, that you will actually get more bird nests without the rabbit's foot.
  15. Hello. Maybe an update to the calculator to show how many potions that you would need when you make both the reular potion and then make it into an extreme potion. Much the same way as the crafting calculator with make glass + item. Example: Ranging potion + extreme
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