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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. 1. A shop becomes available once unlock the third (I think) guild. 2. There is an npc that is also available, if you cant see him yet try looking after you complete your current mission. Tyvm :^_^:
  3. 1: How do you get a rubber Cosh? The Coshing volunteers mention a 'rubber cosh' but I can't figure out where to get one 2: Where/Who is 'Big Man'? The Coshing volunteers also mention 'Big Man' and that he's 'the big man over there.' Much appreciated! :^_^: Happy 'Scaping! EDIT: I have completed the original Quest, completed the first follow-up, From Tiny Acorns, and have started the next follow up, Lost Her Marbles.
  4. [kind of messed up a bit here] "I dont believe any level 3s have untrimmed slayer capes and definitely not multiple level 3s..villandra has one at 10 hp but that's probably the closest you'll come. I'd say summoning, but over time slayer will become the rarest again." -Aeil Actually, there are lvl 3's with 99 slayer. The way they get it is through bonuses, tomes of experience, non-cb activities with rewards that can be traded in for combat experience (i.e. slayer....) et cetera. It is extremely rare to find a level 3 with 99 slayer, but I've seen a few myself.
  5. Slayer or Constitution. Both involve getting tons of combat xp, but both are slower than the xp you gain in combat. for slay, you get 1/4 the xp you gain in say, attack, and constitution gains less than half the xp you gain in attack or strength. Now while both are extremely rare to get untrimmed, slayer is also very difficult to get in the first place, and probably less than half, or maybe less than 1/3 of the people with 99 constitution also have slayer, so I would say that slayer is the rarest untrimmed skillcape.
  6. I was playing Runescape one day, and this Additional Guard advertisement pops up (rogue anti-virus software), and I wind up getting a virus. We eventually got it off my computer, but now it runs really slow and Java games no longer load on my computer! Any ideas on what could be wrong or how to fix it...?
  7. I started in may 2006, so for me, 2006-2007 were the golden days. Getting level 40 in attack... earning my first 10k gp... becoming a member for the first time... Yep. Those were my days. But see, all anyone can say is 'my golden days'. Unless Jagex holds a 'golden days' event, it will be different for everyone.
  8. Thank's alot everyone! This is all REALY helpful (not to mention encouraging). :thumbsup:
  9. If you want nests, MTK is your best bet. If you're really desperate, dump 10 workers into maples and the other 5 into hardwood. =\ I DO have 10/15 workers on maples... All I get is stupid SARA eggs (and a few guth and zam :rolleyes:) Although I suppose I could put the other 5 on mahogany...
  10. Is it normal to spend about 10 hours cutting willows by the barb outpost and still not get a raven? 52 summon, 77 wc, d hatchet, and yes rabbit's foot. (If you have a raven, it'd be really awesome if you put how long you spent too!) Thanks a lot, I'll keep looking... :pray:
  11. 81-99 cook is rather complicated. This is what I did for it at what levels, and the CATCH at the end. 81-90- swordies w/cook gaunts 90-94- monkfish w/cook gaunts. It is both rumored that gaunts DO and that they DO NOT help. I personally believe it is random for each character, because FOR ME, from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, I burned 1-2 monks per load without, and 0 per load with. 94-99- sharkes w/cook gaunts. If you can do all of these in one day without prices fluctuating, then you will lose about 3m. However, prices DO fluctuate, and this whole process takes about 65 hours. For me, my sharks went up 4-5m while i was cooking them, so I actually made 1-2m on a production skill (Don't ever expect to earn money with a production skill, but rather to lose a lot)
  12. (First post, w00t!) A while back I tried to get a raven's egg, and I tried on willows at barb outpost for nearly 10 hours WITH rabbit's foot... 1 guthix egg, 0 ravens. I turned around and tried Misc. I get 1-2 of ea god egg (zam, sara, guth) every two weeks at 75k per day, 10 of my workers on maples for 1-2 months. Still no raven. No Idea what's wrong with this... :? Good luck to us both in our attempts at a raven!
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