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  1. I will try Mod MMG's. :D
  2. If you checked the clan "Rich Day" though, you would notice there's no one in it. I made it like a half a year ago, hoping it would work, but failed the week after. :P If you really dearly want me to change it back, just ask...
  3. All I want is a busy place where I can't stop talking. :P For me, I barely have any patience when it comes to working on any skill, so I need to talk with others.
  4. I'm not looking for a clan to recruit me, I just want a wide variety of clans.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm looking more for RuneScape in-game clans. :D
  6. Hello. I was wondering what some REALLY BIG clans are? I need a place to chat in where it's none-stop chatting, so what are some REALLY BIG clans that you know of? Diztrict.
  7. You don't think I did that?
  8. I want to do some trips at aviansies, but am unsure of what armour to bring. I have 65 range and 70 defence. What's the best things I should bring? QUICK!
  9. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=How+to+Reformat+a+PC
  10. Yep, we're paying for crap updates.
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