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  1. What do you mean? :? I just wanted to use it as a phone. I've heard its comparable to the iphone.
  2. Would it be worth getting a blackberry phone, without a contract? A friend told me that without push email, its useless. Do you think I should get one on pay as you go?
  3. My name irl is Daniel, so I chose "danetello". That account was soon hacked by my brother :x, so I came up with danetello2, lol. :thumbsup:
  4. I think I'll keep merching and skilling my way up to 100m, then go and buy 99 Prayer. Thanks everyone! :thumbsup:
  5. Ive decided I want to go for the fire cape, but I have no idea what to take. :o Could anyone help me out? :D
  6. I have about 70m cash, which I have been merching. I was thinking of spending the money on getting 99 prayer, or full bandos + 90 prayer. What do you think I should do? Which ever one I chose, I will wait until the summer's over to buy them since the prices are so high atm. :x
  7. I was just wondering, how much iron ore p/hr could I get if I used the Kyatt + duelling ring method? Thanks :D
  8. I would do them as soon as you can :thumbsup:
  9. Thanks to everyone that came and congratulated me, and thanks to all the supporters aswell! :) Here are some pictures from the party: If anyone's wondering, I did monkfish all the way :).
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