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  1. very nice !! gl on crafting! 10 / 10 .:[-MeGaDeThA121-]:.
  2. nice job im having a problem gettin even close to 1 mil xp in that skill, wats ur secret and any tips on a lvl 60 agiliter that wants 1 mil xp? -MeGaDeTha121-
  3. Bout time nub =p congratz 10 / 10 come abby hunting wit mehz =D -MeGaDeThA121-
  4. wow congratz m8! wat do pouches u suggest i should make for 80 - 88 summon! i want 137 so bad lol 10 / 10 and good luck on ur future goals! -MeGa-
  5. congratz!!! runecrafting is so boring so i give u props! 10 / 10 gl on future goals! -MeGa-
  6. Why farm during slayer if you're aiming to train slayer? After all, farm runs would just be wasted time. i farmed for like the first 2 hours the skill came out then gave up cause i didnt like it, same reason im lvl 1 construction, it was just a skill introduced as a money drain so i didnt wish to waste my money on it, and as for hunter seems like a boring skill to me aswell, im old school and i will always stay oldschool why im not "chinning" my way to 99 range, even though i can afford it id rather just range the old fashion way... even though i hate range! lol i wanna get it out the way so i can start on 99 magic after =p then of course eventually get 99 summon and smithing =p oh and SUP ZERKER =D -MeGa-
  7. not for sale, cause one time i posted my char and it was up on an illegal site for sale the next day so im just being cauious since some1 alreadly tried selling my account once illegally and thx every1 good to be back! -MeGa-
  8. Why u say that, people can't steal my character anymore? lol and thx every1 im goin to try for 99 range / woodcut every 2 levels just switch off so im goin for 90 range now then ima get 90 wc and so on! wish me luck pZ! -MeGa-
  9. Guess who's back! Back again! Mega's back! tell ur friends, wash my back, wash my back, wash my back! lol anyways yer i quit rs like a month after summon came out i made it to 80 summon 136 combat and then i quit! Im back and im goin strong! Current goals are 88 / 99 Woodcutting! and 89 / 99 Range!! Here are my first 2 levels i got since i came back to rs 2 days ago!! 88 Woodcutting 89 Range -MeGa-
  10. congratz magey!!! wat did u train on from 90 - 99, im doin fire giants since im p2p =p 10 / 10 -MeGa-
  11. congratz m8! and good luck on ur future drops and slayer lvls, get 99 already nub =p -=MeGa=-
  12. very nice m8! and keep up the good work! and ur wonderin how old i am - meaning rs life =p check my forum registration =p -MeGa-
  13. all i have to say is :ohnoes: :ohnoes: :ohnoes: wowowowowowowoow amazing!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :o :o never in my life thought any1 could get 99 slayer from not even using combat amazin! 1,000,000 / 10 -MeGa-
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