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  1. So I guess I'm a mod now... Any idea why they always ask to talk in the lobby? Wish I had drawn it out longer...
  2. Because people who have had their name changed recently can snipe names by just making an account - also, I'd assume 'stolen' is because if you're "giving" your name to another player, if someone knows the exact date/time, they can snipe it. Ily ping Also, found the top f2p players with no member skills trained - awesome, but kind of lame if they want to get members, they'll be a bit behind :( Rank | Name | Level | Experience 225,633 | Meneer Naab | 1655 | 1,492,371,306 225,634 | Syzygy | 1655 | 1,084,400,386 hnng don't feel like checking the other thread of why my puush links aren't allowed
  3. Gwyn hyt'd me earlier today, so I thought I'd drop by and browse a bit. I'm never really active on tif/hyt chat for long periods of time, I just have occasional bursts lol.. recognized a few names, and I'm always wandering w99 (or ge standing at northeast stall). unspam: [spoiler=Got my 90's cape back.] [spoiler=What's a 90's cape without an outfit?] The swords are leaf-bladed Also, the website is getting mad at me for using puush - I changed to photobucket, is it not allowed?
  4. About how many kills/trip do you get with this method? I use a pretty different set-up, but I've been looking to try range armour. Also, if you don't mind a few comments... (My gear set-up is different, so these might not even affect you) I avoid using ricochet and bombardment against prime, in-case it hits supreme (assuming he's spawned already). Using Death's swiftness at the beginning of Prime kills is really nice, and I usually get a 4k+ snipe hit right off the bat I find ring of vigour pretty useful since I use a lot of ultimates Debilitate (defensive threshold) is nice against supreme. Also, I'm not sure if you do or not, but picking up hides adds another little chunk to your profits (I think they're 4-5kea atm).
  5. Note: I don't know how to fix the weird highlighted text, oh well. Also, I don't have a picture because, well. That would take forever to take a picture of. After a few years of senseless collection, I have filled the treasure chest in my house. It started out with my only sticking my rewards in there, but I started slowly buying more and more items (my idea was that it was insurance in-case i lost my bank), and now it is completely full! (including colour variants!) List of items that can be stored inside your treasure chest can be found http://www.tip.it/runescape/pages/view/costume_room_guide.htm#tchest (Also what's the code for assigning this link to a word, rather than having a straight link?) OR [spoiler=Text List of Items] Easy: Black heraldic shields, trimmed studded armour, trimmed wizard robes, black trimmed armour, highwayman mask, berets, black heraldic helms, trimmed amulet of magic, emote enhancers (pantaloons, wig, flared pants, sleeping cap), Bob the cat shirts, elegant clothes (red, green & blue), beret mask, Black Canes, spiked helmet. Medium: Boaters, Adamant heraldic shields, trimmed green dhide armour, ranger boots(x5 due to color variants), adamant trimmed armour, headbands, adamant heraldic helms, trimmed amulet of strength, elegant clothes (black & purple), wizard boots, animal masks, adamant cane, Pith Helmet. Hard and Elite: Rune heraldic shields, Trimmed blue dhide armour, enchanted robes, robin hood hat(x5 due to color variants), rune trimmed armour, cavaliers, pirate hat, god armour, gilded armour, rune heraldic helms, trimmed amulet of glory, god dhide armour, god vestments, cavalier mask, top hat, Rune Cane, Fox Mask, White Unicorn Mask, Black Unicorn Mask, Green Dragon Mask, Blue Dragon Mask, Red Dragon Mask. Black Dragon Mask, Frost Dragon Mask, Bronze Dragon Mask, Iron Dragon Mask, Steel Dragon Mask, Mithril Dragon Mask, Ornate Amulet of Fury, Ornate Dragon Armour, Spiky Dragon Armour, Armadyl Vestments, Bandos Vestments, Ancient Vestments, Armadyl Rune Armour, Bandos Rune Armour, Ancient Rune Armour, Armadyl Blessed Dragonhide, Bandos Blessed Dragonhide, Ancient Blessed Dragonhide. It stores most TT items, but doesn't store god bows, third-age, comp bows, animal staves, god pages, firelighters, or purple sweets. I'm probably going to stick this on RSOF and see if any nuts will offer to buy it. Does anyone have a general idea of how much I could sell it for? I might not sell it, but I'm still curious as to what its 'street' value is.
  6. Happy birthday! :D

    1. Jagiella


      Just noticed this, thanks :P

  7. Awh yeah I got a grats message within every single 99 picture
  8. From the guy who made the yak city rap (Regicidal), here's another rap of his about chaotics: [may contain foul language] Also,[spoiler=Large Image]
  9. The actual video to that is this: created by Regicidal [hide] [/hide] Also, this is DK loot from over weekend (starting at the hides) http://puu.sh/fdHu
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