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  1. Bonecrusher after 200m prayer? Pro. I expect if drumgun does get enough money he'll do prayer to finish combat stats I'd use a bonecrusher too after 200M pray, clearer view of drops.
  2. Dapledo has reached 100M agility, his 6th 100M overall. I know he's not in the Top 15 and quite far, but concerning hours to 200M he's a contender.
  3. What does Elian plan to do after 200M pray? Because Telmo can get ahead again with the remaining exp to pray 200M.
  4. How is Green098 reaching the half-way mark at 2B, when the half-mark is now at 2.5B?
  5. I actually remember the days when topics like these were unable to be make.
  6. Gets me thinking, why W66 Law Company has not returned? Would improve the RC exp/h greatly.
  7. After 800K with 3 effigies only. All have 95 runecrafting requirement, so it's even better, going for 99 runecrafting with effigies from Slayer.
  8. First time getting 28 noted torstols from dust devils, without RoW.
  9. Took 2 months of gathering money from 91, I'm very unlucky at bosses. Countless hours at TDS's and Bandos, with only a few tassets and boots drops, mostly did frosts. 21st, would like to finish buyables now.
  10. Finally, wasn't really bothered with it until midway to 99 from 98. 20th 99, next up is herblore I guess. 98 banked currently, need to get about 15-20M to get 98-99.
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