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  1. Now that i think of it, there was a warning that only came up once before you entered the wildy and only reappeared once you logged and logged back in i believe. True that! I strongly believe me and a small group of others where responsible for the wild ditch, It was just after Jagex had a PR disaster by telling pkers (and only pkers) that luring people int the wilderness was ok, and this lead to alot of naive deaths, Jagex later repealed this, and suggestions sprung up onto how to stop luring, the suggestion of a friend was for a wall to be built at the bottom of the wilderness, and it was developed a fair bit in how it would work/war people, and I added the idea of moving it so there was one square of nonwilderness past the ditch, so players where not trapped and killed there. The suggestion got some Jmod attention, and a few months later it was launched, exactly as we said, but a ditch and not a wall....... I still think a wall would have been better!
  2. Not a fan to be honest. Neve have been a great fan of runescape music, and especially not to a dance beat har'money however showed potential.
  3. As a high level (level 134) it really annoys me, I am very obsessive about it and feel the need to pick up all coins..... if there are a few people not picking up it really does eat into my training time. It brings be much rage (and cash)
  4. Mod ash has saved developers blogs! It actually tells us allot, without giving stuff away, I hope the other developers read it and get ideas. We know it will be a good update, I have yet to see updates that involved ash as a developer that I have not loved. My arms adventure swan song bank pins + deposit boxes leprechauns and lots of patch notes
  5. It would be a good place to start I think! However It would bring in alot of hard feeling from those with quest capes/near to quest capes as they will have missed out on so much. But ignoring that, it would be a great place to start.
  6. I am pretty disappointed by the thieves guild to be honest. I ran a suggestion for a guild a few years back, which was a large expansion of rouges den, had a heck of allot of supporters, and very little negative feedback. I feel this one however is very flat and boring, it's pretty slow xp in comparison to allot of other methods.... with very limited xp per week. Most guilds are abandoned, and this one seems to just be working as a thieving D&D. The shop stocks virtually nothing, and generally there is very little reason for anybody to ever use it.
  7. On their add at Jagex.com they have refereed to it as an expansion pack... which I am not a huge fan of as I always rearguard expansion packs as an actual product on a disk, and does not really refer to cloud gaming
  8. I just wanna get that toolbar at the top and drag it down to the top of the scroll where it should be.... I hate when people put the toolbars at the very top, I really do. Overall though, not a fan of the new look it highlights even more that the browny colours they went for don't look great, and you cant see enough content on the first pagefull without scrolling. Also that play now button looks far too small for such an important button. French also appears to break the page for me.... text all over the shop! may just be my settings though.
  9. I think they must be nearly ready now. I can't log into the web features as the login servers are offline..... perhaps they are being rebooted to open up the servers again?
  10. I would suggest because of the down time, they are adding more chat features to the servers, I seem to remember down time when clan chat was launched, so with the hint, I have to assume that it's this.
  11. I have been epically impressed by Mark, whilst Idderson did not do a bad job, in retrospect he was not good for jagex, and I sure there are many companies out there where he would be the best they could hope for. The main thing going for Mark is that he is involved, he is not the boss but more of a team leader, Both idderson and his predecessor Constant Tedder from evidance I had seen never even went ingame, and I don't believe they even logged into the froums...... I would not be surprised if idderson especially never even had an account. Mark Gerhard, is very much what the company needs. He has recognised that money is not the reason the company was founded on, and taken that on board, I hope we have many many more years under his leadership.
  12. Like summoning, slayer, hp or herblore? They all have to intertwine with other skills or its practically impossible to level. Whats herblore without combat or other skills? Nothing at all. Summoning, HP, Herblore and Slayer are pretty much support skills. Alone there practically useless but with other skills there amazing. @me I don't see how it wouldn't. Combine small boosts from prayer, herblore and summoning as well as small bits crafting, agility, smithing and other manufacturing skills into a skill would work. Make some of them have area effects similar to lunar/ancient spells as well as the ability to team chant/sing (adding to the community changes) for larger boosts. Yes but it has been sad that this skill was originally going to be it's own game, unlike all the other skills which where made or runescape from the start. I am sure this skill CAN work with others, but it's best to look for skills that can stand on their own feet, and you could say "we could me a game of this"
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