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    Football, Rs, Xbox360, Hot ladies :')
  1. In a bank, near the bankers. I dont really care if I see a imp. I just leave them, they have a life to :P
  2. Mime: legs, gloves, top and boots Freaky forester: hat, top, bottom Camo: top Frogtokens: 18 atm
  3. Dragon will definetly rule , but it will be very very expensive
  4. I have one dog, called Goofy. I <3 the name :)
  5. Wow dude, that are alot of drops .. :) very nic 8-)
  6. 200 nats , bought them cheap, I though even less than 54ea..
  7. Cool dat is vlak bij mij in de buurt :o, de achterhoek :o en ik kon aan die foto met die boer al zien dat je uit Nederland kwam :P
  8. I dont play rs much, im not addicted :P I'm addicted to cod3 but i go out every weekend and friends goes first 8-)
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