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  1. Agree, although they're no better than pretty much every single 30 def turmoil at wests. MSB to Chaotic Maul to Granite Maul. Hard.
  2. The point is that pures are intended to abuse the combat formula -- it's foolish to expect updates to revolve around your attempts to do so. Jagex's policy, which is and always has been quite a sensible one, has been to ignore pures. If your build is now locking you out of useful PKing content, then it's no longer the optimal one and you need to adapt accordingly. As someone who has been Pure for the last eight years, agree. But I do find it ridiculous that they make updates which either can be gotten with very little defense(AKA Pures can't get this, you should get Defense-releases) and in general the entire "HIT HARDER HIT HIGHER HIT FASTER" mentality that's now RS, I don't support Turmoil or Dungeoneering rewards and so on. @Zerker Don't see why you're bothered about this quest, real pures aren't able to do Temple at Senntisten either.
  3. Uhh.. It was updated a while ago so you could still mage with your magic level reduced below it's requirement. Just less accurate. Seercul is garbage. Even if they are SoL'ing might as well Dbow/Handcannon/Morrigan. In which case they'd be stupid for using SoL spec.
  4. It's quite good for a first, actually it is great for a first, but here's some CC: Firstly, even though the movement of the female is great her figure is a bit off, her thighs are too big for her body and her legs are entirely off. Add more definiton on her left leg by working on the kneecap and below and make the right leg a bit farther away from her [wagon] so you can see it better. You will need to practice making her boots several times I imagine. For the monster, to make him seem muscular in a 'rocky-way' you need to roughen your shading around his muscles, and make the creases seem much deeper(shade darker&bigger). Also work on his chest as right now it looks like saggy man boobs and I doubt that's what you're attempting. For him to be "hunched over" you need to dark the area around his mid-upper neck much more, and make the shading large too, raise his head a touch, and perhaps make his shoulders a touch lighter or darker depending on where the your lighting. Overall your shading on the big guy is fantastic, your structural drawing is quite good, and the general result is looking to be promising.
  5. Then why the [bleep] are you in BH/PvP? How do you people not realize that this wasn't created so skillers could make extra money. This was created for PK'ers, the same people who TIF loves [bleep]ing about, could PK and pay off their gear+make a bit of money. 26'king is [bleep]ing pathetic. Altogether.
  6. Admittedly I did not read the entire thread but: No, BH did not bring this forth, you know what it was? Pest Control. Lot of you may not believe me, but Pest Control allowed for quicker training of your account, and so suddenly people had 90+ stats, but with little PK'ing experience, which taught them no respect/honor for other PK'ers, and so it only grew from there as previously honor PKers were forced to adjust and more PC prods came. Soul Wars is doing the EXACT same thing but on an even WORSE level. THIS is why I hate BH and SW. This is why I hate prods.
  7. Decent editing in my opinion, didn't have too much without making the video bland. Granted I despise people who rely almost entirely on dbolts.
  8. Never noticed the "Clan Chronicle" before. Was a good read. Might I suggest doing a piece on pure clans? Probably a completely unknown subject to 90% of Tip.It.
  9. It's actually last week's update: http://news.runescape.com/newsitem.ws?id=1940 Artefact Value Broken statue headdress 5,000 coins Third age carafe 10,000 coins Bronzed dragon claw 20,000 coins Ancient psaltery bridge 30,000 coins Saradomin amphora 40,000 coins Bandos icon 50,000 coins Saradomin icon 75,000 coins Zamorak icon 100,000 coins Armadyl icon 150,000 coins Guthixian brazier 200,000 coins Ruby chalice 250,000 coins Bandos statuette 300,000 coins Saradomin statuette 400,000 coins Zamorak statuette 500,000 coins Armadyl statuette 750,000 coins Seren statuette 1,000,000 coins Zaros statuette 5,000,000 coins
  10. PK'ing, a little from skills but really, mostly PK'ing.
  11. 8 months since last update. Enjoy. I'll try to update it more frequently. And I've added more recent PKs to the top, since I know I could care less about a dscim PK from three years ago.
  12. PK in more stuff then. You're not going to get much if you're only risking.. what? 25k? Rune long is 24k Bring a 100 Addy arrows with you or 25-50k cash.
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