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  1. Jersey Devil is my favorite legend. There's been some silly ones too, like the fur bearing trout. :lol: Some have been confirmed to be real though, such as rat kings (where rats tails become intertwined then get stuck together through dried blood and feces, and they grow together) and the Pizzly (a bear that is a Polar Bear/North American hybrid).
  2. Mythological albums: Detox Chinese Democracy King Mathers Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II
  3. Dang, that's a really nice 400. That's faster then the best 400 at my school. I would continue to improve that if I were you.
  4. Dude, I'm a sick runner! I would to do XC, but my school has a fall basketball conditioning program, so I do that instead. After basketball I do track, and I do distance. I run my mile in 5:53, and run my 2-mile in a lil' under 13. Yeah, pretty ballin'.
  5. HELL YEAH!!!!!! Basketball tryouts are November 4th this year, I actually get to do stuff this Halloween! \ \ \ \ \ \ I'm gonna be a B-boy.
  6. I think the ad campaigns make a difference. Drugs, smoking, and alcohol use have gone down over the last decade. Ad campaigns have gotta have something to do with it, right?
  7. I don't even think Nanos can be modded dude. Get a Touch if you a mod freak (though with the firmware updates, modding is becoming more and more difficult)
  8. Terrible comparison. -The donations are very, VERY different in size. In churches, it's a basket where people usually donate $10 at the most. In Scientology, it's hundreds of thousands of dollars. -The donations aren't required to learn everything about Christianity. In Scientology, you MUST pay to learn about certain things (such as Xenu). -Some people feel uncomfortable when they do put some cash into the basket, because they get a few eyes on them. Well public mass isn't mandatory. Church doesn't necessarily have to be a public worship session. You can have church in your house with your family, or even by yourself. You're thinking of the cult, the "Peoples Temple" and what's been known as the Jonestown Massacre. It was founded by Jim Jones (not the rapper ;) ) and actually still exists today. It is very, very small though.
  9. Debates require logic, not empirical proof. Debates on metaphysics and morality, for example, need not rely on empirical evidence in order to create an interesting and thought-provoking discussion. And "religion" does not equate to "theism." If this thread -- which is about religion -- was to evolve into a debate, there's no reason to assume it must also degrade into "There is a God" vs. "There is no God." With that said, even a debate as straight-forward as that can have a great deal of substance to it. That's true, debates do reqiure logic. And such topics can bring about thought-provoking discussion, but there usually isn't a conclusion to which one prooved correct. And theism doesn't necessary equal religion, but I was using theism as the example based on the dictionary definition: 1. the belief in one God as the creator and ruler of the universe, without rejection of revelation (distinguished from deism). 2. belief in the existence of a god or gods. And I used the "Does God exist" example as it is the most common religious debate, or at least from what I've seen. There could be substance to it, but not a concrete conclusion. There probably never will be.
  10. Yeah the second half was more a general statement to be thrown out there, not directed towards you. I do like your reasoning behind why it's an oxymoron, though! My bad, I understand what you were getting at now.
  11. Buy skittles 3-for-$1 or better, and sell at a dollar each. I've made over $400 that way. But I also got labeled a small-time hustler and almost got suspended.
  12. Please (and no I do not mean to be a jerk), tell me how debating religion is an oxymoron? And I know that many people have gotten mad at me for debating Christianity on the sole fact that I say "god does not exist". I think a lot of Christians (at least the ones I have spoken with including my family) put up the wall when I say that one little phrase. Debating religion goes on a two way street. Perhaps I get offended when you say, that because I don't believe in god or recognize that jesus is my savior, I'm going to hell and that I "need to be saved". In all honesty, that does offend me, but I'll put it aside to have a debate about it. I think that some of the believers need to settle down a bit and realize that some people don't believe in it and we're not going to walk on glass for those that do. Debates require facts (or at least the good ones where progress can be made). There's no fact when debating religion (the theological aspects specifically). "There is a God." No solid facts or proof. "There is no God." No solid facts or proof. There's not enough information for either side to actually have a good debate. And I don't think you're going to hell. As a matter of fact, I never say any of that. :| No, I don't think anybody should be banned for that. Never said I did. :| And the hatred for hip-hop and rap in MM&T is something that can easily be countered with actual facts, unlike most religious debates. For example, someone in MM&T could say (and yes, this has been said countless times: "Hip-hop/rap is all about killing, money, and promiscuous women" That can very easily be debated and even proven wrong, by simply saying something like "Actually, [song/artist/album here] is hip-hop and has nothing to do with the above". That, unlike the example I used in response to the first quote, is debatable with something beyond opinions. It's not the opinions I have a problem with, it's way people express them sometimes. No need to flame something just because you think it's stupid. And the dudes who bash rap in MM&T are almost always flamers, with a few exceptions. Like I don't like metal, but I don't go into metal threads to tell people I don't. (I actually just keep my mouth shut because I honestly have no knowledge about metal)
  13. I don't think it's when something is simply called stupid. This sub-forum has been known to get into some pretty long religious "debates", if you can even call it so (debating religion is an oxymoron). There are quite a few people with varying belief who just straight bash someone else's faith. Now it's nice to be able to talk about more mature opinions, but not in such a stupid manner. That's why I like posting here, because of the people who don't do that.
  14. Dang man, you put yourself in quite a bind. well, study over material that is often repeated throughout the chapter, the stuff that's bolded, italicized, etc. Or cheat.
  15. Don't hate on Scientology for their theological beliefs. If they want to believe in aliens and space emperors, whatever, that's their right. I believe in a man walking on water, to some people's ears they sound equally crazy. It is the Church, and their actions, that need to be stopped. Forced abortions, fair gaming people, destorying families, conning people, killing Lisa McPhearson, attempting to ruin Paulette Cooper's career. THAT is why Scientology is a cult, not because of their theological beliefs.
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