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  1. In a bank, near the bankers. I dont really care if I see a imp. I just leave them, they have a life to :P
  2. Mime: legs, gloves, top and boots Freaky forester: hat, top, bottom Camo: top Frogtokens: 18 atm
  3. Dragon will definetly rule , but it will be very very expensive
  4. I have one dog, called Goofy. I <3 the name :)
  5. Wow dude, that are alot of drops .. :) very nic 8-)
  6. 200 nats , bought them cheap, I though even less than 54ea..
  7. Cool dat is vlak bij mij in de buurt :o, de achterhoek :o en ik kon aan die foto met die boer al zien dat je uit Nederland kwam :P
  8. I dont play rs much, im not addicted :P I'm addicted to cod3 but i go out every weekend and friends goes first 8-)
  9. i think it's a bit .. dark :P but it looks ok atm. I really like your current sig btw :wink: :)
  10. 3.2m cash with some stuff so that will be 3.5m :wink: To a real life friend btw
  11. I just hate to do the quest '' prince ali rescue '' -.- I think because you need so much stuff and that you'll need to walk much :-#
  12. hey Errr :) The last time that i have spoken to you, you were a lvl 5 skiller but now you trained combat stats aswell :o Gl with your goals O:)
  13. you just said it again! it is a free players log! but can only be cut on p2p worlds! GRRR! :shame: Jesus christ. I said the correct thing in the first place. -.- -.- -.- Changes the subject: Useless RuneScape Fact: RuneScape starts with an R ends with a E
  14. Artist (Zea or Gold): Gold Type (Sig, Avvy, Banner, Etc.): Sig Dimensions (Size): 400x125 Colour(s): your choice :) Render (Not required): http://www.render-world.com/renders/alb ... d/req5.png Font: http://www.dafont.com/vonfont.font Font Color: your choice :) Text: Yoerius Subtext: -- Notes: -- Border (No tech borders!): small border Re-Sized for Tip.it (Yes or No)*: no
  15. It's .... It's .... Perfect! I really do like it, I'm a big fan of TlOZ :)
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