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  1. Awesome guide, I just wanted to ask: Could I put on one mouse button setting on RS then use the combination only instead of having to right click I could just use 5?
  2. Look nub I logged on :ohnoes: lul why you so phail? Ilu babycakes hurry up with your first combat 99 i'm right behind you :P
  3. Well um wouter the race may be over and done with cos I thinkz i may be quitting and im definitely taking alot of time off and probably retiring blak if i dont get membership back (quite likely). I aint liked rs for a while now and cheesy aint showing any signs of returning and i´ve just missed pking and the new graphics make me feel dumb. I just wanna have some light fun but before if i do decide to quit before i go ima go sell all my stuff and do something fun maybe some barrows sets for bh. Anyways Ibiza be rocking so im happy just popped on to check my mail. Nice levels buddy, Blak
  4. @Zaideey ty And who gave you that (g) ? Anyways just redoing all my goal bars :( anyway i gotted my 67 slayer :o (and missed the screeny :evil: )
  5. @ Zzzuperfreak \/\/H47 4 1337 PR3ZZY @ gameboy yayz @woutwout (who phails at posting) Merry Xmas all and don't worry its only 365 days till it again :)
  6. Well guys i'm back now and i'm not quitting (yay). However I did come very close after bounty hunter was made and i failed at a firecape attempt cos i lagged -.- Incase you haven't noticed I want a firecape (it was gonna be to pk in but hey -.-) so i'm gonna get it. However after failing twice i sold alot of my stuff just to buy potions to continue... after that attempt (failed again lol) i decide i will put it on hold just to get some money and stats first :). Also joined Blood Dynasty clan its great and we own BH :) Anyways i'm back and i'll post all my levels later :o.
  7. Soz wouterella but this made my x-mas: Give you ya prezzy tomoz k? naise con level also
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