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  1. like 10th kill of my 68 iron task! so happy now :)
  2. Sorry, my parents pc is broken, so cant get on it. and on my own pc internet is losing connection everytime i get on tif. So i will update in 1 or 2 days!
  3. yesterday i did a abysall-demon fun trip, got 1 whip drop so thats #2 now :D and a clue i had:
  4. hehe do that, also let him know that the race is getting boring :P i want him to catch up with me a bit again so its a race again :roll:
  5. small update again. I had 3 Iron dragon tasks in a row yesterday. First 2 tasks nothing good.. but then on task 3, the king of the drops: and today i finally managed to get 83 slayer, which means free Dragon boots!
  6. wow, your sig is great man! how long did it take you to make that? good luck on your goals, and ill give you a hyt when i see you in game some time :)
  7. ok i changed it a bit: 5-10 mins: 30 charms* (first it was 50) 10-15 mins: 15 charms* ( first it was 40) 15-20 mins: 10 charms* (first it was 30) > 20 mins: 5 charms* (first it was 20) thats beter?
  8. i had an idea like this to pretty long time ago though. Bumped it up, maybe check that one out :
  9. i saw a post with a similar idea like this. so i thought i should bump my idea from it as its a bit more thought out :
  10. for some reason i came this idea again. and as i made this topic close after summoning release it didnt get much attention but as that is a while ago now, lets see what your reactions on this are now :)
  11. thanks hartlar. just got another level, Defence 95 this time. Though something went wrong with the cropping of pic so dont got it anymore #-o
  12. nice house, boots, levels and such things mate :) you should come kill black demons with me nowwwwwwww
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