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  1. Yeahh been a long time since i last played. my memership was cancelled like 5 months ago. I just got bored if im honest. it became more of a chore then for fun.
  2. Hey man been long time, How you been, Your gettin pretty good at this Rewnscaip thing. sorry i aint been around much any more Laters Dude P.S Enjoy the new house
  3. Hey wouter seems like you finally are getting better than me, I know that was always your overall goal lol Grats with all the levels sorry i aint been around to see them
  4. Hey shey, Just stopped by to see how you were doing, you've done really well since i last saw you, Been quite a long time. Lots more 99's on the horizon, Hope you get herb soon, its a sexy one to get. Been missin you quite a bit, you know what to say to cheer me up, maybe ill log on and see you again one day Tell everyone from SnC & GoF i said hi if you can Lots of Love Scorpy
  5. Grats on 97 slayer & 90 agility shey, havent been on runescape recently, Missin you loads :( From Yur No1 Fan! Have always, Will always, love you.
  6. Mine coal and save it would be my main though, Maybe mine some adamant later, But dont force yourself to do it, And having a runescape pollocy (spelt right?) is a bad idea, There's nothing wrong with selling raw materials. I used to have pollocies like that but then i just couldnt be botherd to keep my honour.
  7. I would always go for the defender, It works so much better for slayer, For almost everything melee related.
  8. Off the top of my head the only one i know of is rune HQ but because you cant use flashplayer... Outch
  9. Thats a little vicious, I prefer to sedate them then use the meat tenderiser while they sleep.
  10. That sounds about right, And im sure afew more then 90,000 Saras have been killed. Maybe we should test it out :D
  11. Id go for bone XBow at fire giants.
  12. My amediate thought was FoG cave, But i doubt it would be that. maybe a map of where it is?
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