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  1. If I don't see ya before, gratz on the levels while I'm away. :thumbsup: Also, new sig. :mrgreen:
  2. That percentage is starting to get seriously close to 100. ;)
  3. For it to shut down, I cancelled my members while at uni but got it back during the summer (I refuse to play f2p =p). If I cam back after that, then that basically says it all. I've never really liked stopping playign a game being referred to as quitting though, it's not something we have to do.
  4. It's alright, as long as you don't push it too far so that it affects your physical and/or mental health.
  5. You could argue that anything in runescape is no big deal, it all comes down to what matters to you personally. I'd like to be one, sure there's some negativity that comes with it, but from what I understand they pick the most trustworthy and suitable (however they figure it out :? ) and to me, that is an honour.
  6. No, it's best for the game to be solely associated by employees. Plus, suggestions are fairly easy, it's writing the code and implementing them into the game which is the part which deserves credit.
  7. I was worried for no reason, good fix jagex. =D>
  8. Good luck mate, I'll be rooting for ya all the way! :thumbsup:
  9. I've tried a few of these out, and hellhounds seem to be the best for me, and a cannon would rack up the charms.
  10. Decent article, until it mentioned pc products and became hypocritical.
  11. That Craddock guy does not rule over any continent, it's never a good start when you offend the majority of the worlds population. Decent article though, though a few people replying seem to be name dropping. :roll:
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