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  1. When i saw the news of the beheading on the greyhound bus on the news, i thought not much of it... until i remembered i was taking a greyhound bus down to seattle the next day :ohnoes: I was actually reluctant to get on the greyhound, and when i got on it i dared not to sleep because i saw this guy who was asian, well i'm asian but still. Well that's my 2 minutes i'm dan rather
  2. Ratchet: Gladiator? Here in North America it's called Ratchet: Deadlocked if we're refering to the same game :? yea that game was a let down, and i felt that jak x was a let down as well, it felt like naughty dog just threw a racing game together because they were too lazy to make an opened ended adventure like the first three.
  3. So if this "serves" me correctly, this is the first win for Nadal in a grand slam other than in the french open? And persay Federer's first lost at wimbledon since 2002? The commentators were talking about how now that Nadal was not only the king of the clay courts, but maybe a new era in grass courts aswell. My insight to the match was the breaks, i think Federer had only be broken once in the whole match, which in the final set that Nadal took and won the final game. The serves definitely dominated in this game, that's why the points were so close and there were tiebreaks, Their serves took control of the court and it probably would have kept going in the final set except Nadal won a break point. What a brilliant match it was :thumbsup:
  4. I wanted Federer to win as well, but too bad he couldn't break bjorn borg's record of 5 wimbledon's in a row. It did stand as the longest match in the wimbledon final's at 4 hours and 48 minutes though. I agree, Federer had some amazing aces but the unforced errors were pretty close. I think it was during the tiebreak there were some amazing points, it looked like Nadal was out of it be he did his trademark forehand down the line to beat Federer. 4 championship points to get to Federer, but i think in the end Nadal deserved it as he has faced Federer so many times, yet beat him only on clay.
  5. a town of 55,000 people forced out of their homes because of this, never again.
  6. Lmao, could you please re-phrase that. rofl to this and the other one, these have to be on purpose :lol: As for me i remember i used to have 5 or 6 good friends always on a couple years ago, but one by one the slowly quit and it's now just down to 1 or 2 now.
  7. lol all this talk about this quest being very funny and enjoyable has got me pumped up. I'm training like a tenacious pitbull to get that 69 smithing, oh and to get my quest cape back :thumbsup:
  8. -The Edge Chronicles were an awesome series, in the Twig Saga a boy who joins young boy tries to discover who his father was and joins a group called the sky pirates that fly in the air chasing storms and the less. -The darren shan saga was awesome, enjoyed all 12 books of them dearly :D It's about a young boy who turns into this half vampire and has to travel around with this vampire doing certain things like learning how to become a half-vampire and saving his best friends -The Inheritance series, everyone knows what that's about -An old one, A series of Unfortunate events was enjoyed by me as well.
  9. One time i was with my friend at an outdoor pool, and for some reason we started running on the deck because we had to go somewhere, he was running behind me and i hear a "whoaa!!!!" i turn around and next thing i know he slips and trys to grab onto something, unfortanately it turned out to be my swimming trunks and they went down, I slipped in the water but fortunately i got my trunks on before i surfaced. I was in pe class doing badminton, it was doubles so i paired up with my friend, he went to serve behind me but accidentlys hit me in teh family jewels, couldn't walk right for a week.
  10. Have better grades,it's not that i don't have time to improve them, it's just that the internet always distracts me.
  11. People who at school have lan parties, or have ds tables, and have laptops playing "crank dat" always on, just.... :wall:
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