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  1. they are refusing to unlock the other thread because i called the mod who locked it a jerk and refuse to be nice about it for not doin his research before OBVIOUS wrongful lockage on my post i win you lose. bump for awsomeness
  2. better question: why do people still play runescape?
  3. wow if you took out all the good stuff from your bank it would look like mine
  4. wow its been like 5 months since i quit...i just kinda stopped playing once i started 6 hours of football practice during the summer and never started again, i sold all my stuff and gave some stuff away. Right now i got a santa, about 6M and few mill of stuff, maybe ill play a little over x-mas break im getting kinda bored.... go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me. go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me. go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me. go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go. me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me. go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go. me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me. go.me.go.me. go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go.me.go. me.go.me.go.me.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @SHIPIT
  5. doesn't everyone smoke pot already?
  6. Proudly showing off his new apartment to some friends late one night, a drunk leads his way to his bedroom where there's a big brass gong. "Whats with the gong?" one of the friends asks. "That's no gong," the drunk replies. "Its a talking clock." "How does it work?" the friend asks. "Watch," the drunk says. He picks up a hammer, pounds the gong as loudly as he can and steps back. Suddenly, someone on the other side of the wall screams, "You asshole, it's 10 past four in the morning!"
  7. I have a santa and its gonna rot in my account forever because i quit. I appoligize for any inflation i may have caused
  8. i forgot about this and woke up an hour early to watch the seahawk game.
  9. how is money=popularity? Most of those things can be achieved with a middle class income.... But of corse being rich makes your life easier...most people will spend a good portion of their life workin for money..if you already have it you have lots of free time
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