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  1. "My girlfriend left me" MLIA "I've learned that my previously mentioned girlfriend left me for another guy" FML -.- Oh well, i got back at her. Big time. Edit: Yes, it's happened.
  2. Awesome :shock: ยด I have to say that you look beautiful in that picture, honestly. :D I wanna change my pictures, lemme find a new pair. Change both pictures to these: Thanks! :
  3. Naw Evil_Mumm_Ra, stopped with the "crazy man" image? :|
  4. Pker name - Jwn Master Video name/ Number - I don't know, it was a two-part clan war movie tough. Possibly already been posted here on tip it forums? - Maybe, it's a old video. Other facts: The first song in one of the movies is "In Flames - Scorn" i tried PMing Jwn Master a little more than a year ago but i haven't gotten any answer yet. He's running as a mage with full mystic, zamorak cape, zamorak staff and is casting flames of zamorak and bind. That's all i know. Please PM me if you know!
  5. @Lambug: Well, as it seems like a nice place, i don't like that i -have- to go on a number of events and such, especially when it's an American based clan. I'm usually outside in the weekends so. Ov3rkill: I'll have a look.
  6. Hello there, Sebbe here. Thinking about getting into the game once more but this time i'll get into a clan before. I will be P2P when/if i start playing, i'm not too fond of PVP but i may do it once in a while. I'm mainly looking for a nice friendly community with a few requirements but with no "you MUST do this and that to stay in the clan". I live in Sweden, so it's a plus if it is a Swedish/Scandinavian clan. Well, as long as it is based around GMT, GMT+1, GMT+2 then i'm happy. I've played on and off since a few years before Runescape 2, i don't remember. My stats are the following: Please add me on MSN or PM me, i won't check back into this thread much more.
  7. Sebbe is back... He's lost 10 kg, gained alot of muscles and is overall better looking... Hi Tip! Long time no see! I made an re-intro in General too, but seeing as i only posted in OffTopic back in the days i figured i'd post here too. edit: friggin' image hosts...
  8. Agreed, someone wipe the thread and post new rules and such ;)
  9. Everyting except reggae, rap, pop, techno and the stuff similar to that. I loove "hair rock" tho \
  10. How come everyone looks dissapointed? no cake? : No. It was because I wasn't there : i think it was the cake Oh man... That was insanely funny :XD:
  11. sebbeberg


    This comic's getting more messed up after each day :anxious:
  12. I don't even get why we are still arguing with this childish bloat when you could just lock the thread and call it a day.
  13. How come everyone looks dissapointed? no cake? :
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