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  1. I'm from the miniclip generation, so I think the glory days were 2005/2006 when slayer and barrows was in full swing, and pking was a blast. at that time. I never was scammed or lured, but many many tried. If you were smart it was no problem. Well I guess i'll post here again in 14 days like usual.
  2. They are a form of currency these days. In order to get around the GE some type of junk/risings have to be used as currency. Really its just for upgrading/downgrading assets that are bought out/unsellable. If you have some unsellable items, put them up in a trade with some unbuyable items and trade for cash. If you have an item thats bought out, you can downgrade it for cash + other unbuyables.
  3. It's called excel you can thank me later.
  4. So long as your magic bonus is positive you can hit on other players fairly well. A big part of your magic attack/defence is your personal magic level actually. I'd guess that ~50% of your magic defence/offense is just based on your magic level. Have a friend mage you while you test it with mystic might on/off for defence. You might be suprised. Many many many times mystic might has saved me when I'm running.
  5. It's close enough for government work IMO :)
  6. As an 80 priest in a guild with TotC 10 and 25 cleared, I'd like to just back up nerdboy's opinion. I mean, he has no right to what he is saying, because all he has done is level and BG, but he's still able to see that WoW is a borefest. Been playing that game here and there ever since Fall 06. I quit before BC came out because I thought the game sucked. When the new expansion came, I got an email for a free trial. Thought some things seemed more promising after trying it, bought a month, leveled to 80 and started to clear Naxx and quit because of what a joke raiding became. A friend convinced me to start again and I think the current raid content is fun, but still a shadow of what it could be. Also the game has become ridiculously simple. But anyway I'm geared for the final raid of this expansion, Icecrown. The patch is supposed to hit Tuesday, and honestly I can say that if the Icecrown raid does not show significant improvement from the quality of the rest of the content thus far, this will be my last month of WoW. Raiding used to be a fun challenge, but anymore its just a bore task. The bosses are so easy that the only reason people raid is to get gear. It used to be a fun and challenging experience where the gear was just a nice reward, not the main point of the trip. Nowadays people act like you are a noob if you don't have every single piece of your equipment at the current highest raid level. Sorry, but some of us do not find it enjoyable to kill the same bosses every single week and spend 10-15 hours a week in the repetative raid borefest, sitting around and just waiting for your luck to turn out so you get the gear. Also Arenas are completely terrible these days. If you aren't the right class, or one of your friends isnt, then one of you is going to have to make a new character just so your teams can work well in arenas. And last but not least, its so gay how the "Server" system works. I understand that it is how most RPGs work...but I love Runescapes system so much. If I meet someone IRL and find out they play WoW its always like "Oh, you play?? Sweet! Wait...what server?" And then they are on a different server than you, and you can't play together unless you pay 25 dollars for a transfer, or you take a month and level a new character on their server. The whole game is just not very conducive to fun. It can be very addicting and very time consuming....but if you take a moment and just look at your gear and say "Wait....WHY am I about to commit 3 hours of my life to clear this raid again??" Sometimes youll realize that you really arent having any fun at all. This post is refreshing. The actual wow community would be like "DITCH FRIENDS, GAIN RATING!" What has happened is they made raiding very easy, everyone feels entitled. It's like the self-esteem generation where they priased people even though they didn't really accomplish anything, and they turned into the doubhbag generation. WoW is full of those types because of the easy gear.
  7. Well they would have lost money on me for sure.
  8. I don't pursue useless goals in this game :) I stopped at ~85 like your supposed to.
  9. Legally you don't own your Runescape account, you pay monthly for the privilege to use it. Jagex could delete your account because they sat their turkey sandwich on the big red button, and there is nothing you could do because they have the legal right to delete it for any reason. Thats the difference between a videogame account and a bike. I'm pretty sure if you stole a bike in the US you'd get probation. Getting jailtime for this doesn't match the crime. Wrongo. Anything earned in this game is worth exactly $0.00
  10. WoW is in a pretty bad state right now PvP-wise, which was all I cared for. PvE to me on my server feels more like PvF.... Player vs Your own Faction. If everyone worked together cooperatively PvE is pretty easy, but that doesn't happen. Whats my main concern in a raid? Is it the boss? No... it's the people I'm with.
  11. This is the slow time for masks. You guys crack me up. Maybe ask what happened last year to rares around December before buying. There is always an end of the year slump. You do have some hope in you yet. Santas rebounded pretty hard last January. So I can see a rebound happening, but it will be a good 2months away, if at all. So you just need to ask yourself if you could make more money with the mask sold right now, used for GWD or item flipping, or if you think your better off long-term with masks, and plan to sell on the next big spike.
  12. He said "go for" not "get" I'm pretty sure if we said 99 cooking he would cop out. My theory being that going for 99 slayer has the most benefits. You make on average a good 75k/hr at monsters like bloodvelds, most of the tasks make about 75k/hr which is about as much as he would make going for 99 woodcutting. But he could use the combat skills to go GWD, or eventually kill abbies, or spirit mages. If he "went for" 99 slayer I don't think he would regret it.
  13. I learned about runescape from miniclip.
  14. No one should be in jail for hacking a videogame account. If he used a stolen credit card to pay for the account thats a different story entirely.
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