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  1. I get all the girls, I get *all* the girls.

  2. Perhaps it was a hot item for 76kers? Just some runes because they were going to mage people to death... perfectly normal... riiight? But with all that going byebye, they just don't need them anymore, so drop.
  3. Always overheal with rocktails/brews and have a melee% blocker on?
  4. Uhm the clicking requires pretty much efford. (and patience). It isn't entirelly safe (so you'll need a mass of people already before running becomes safe) There is a "safe" rout you can take, it winds and is twice the distance.
  5. Perhaps they have locked up the restless spirits that died in the war behind that door. New home for the Revenents?
  6. Why does everyone hate skittle troll syndrome? It's part of the game that we're grabbing up whatever's best from whatever we evicerate. We can, and do go for style when we want to (yay full dragon!), but just as much we can like to show our mercenary side and wear quest rewards, top of the line individual pieces, and lash people with a string of sausages for great glory.
  7. Then you're not watching. There's roughly 6 people at each CT spawn on every world Yep, at peek hours. I can confirm at least 3/4ths of those to be players. Off hours we're still looking at 0-3 at each spawn... each less talkitive, wont deny that a bunch of those could be bots, but just as well they might be off their own hours and not want to talk. That is NOT 300 bots every world and one hit yew trees. I'd much rather fight a few exp bots for catches than be trampled by a plague of farm bots, wouldn't you?
  8. I'd certainly love to offer free laws. I tried a few times, but never got enough runners together to do it via assist. That, and could probably get a steady stream of laws out with this maxxed trade allowance... most runners couldn't, but they'd get their laws for needed weekly teleports even if not enough for training.
  9. Still never seen a single bot at red chins, always been all players for me. Green dragons? Never seen more than three people there.
  10. Take a look around the camp, you'll see the sideways S everywhere. It's the basic imagery used by the Freminik that came to fight. So we have a Guthix symbol and a Seren symbol on the same alter.
  11. I saw the voting videos, yeah, clear message there, "submit to peer pressure, or be uncool". I fought the bots. I glared angerly at the gold buyers. I gave disapproving words to gold sellers. I was there the day the wilderness died. IT WAS GLORIOUS I chopped a yew, without thirty bald men in green shirts helping. I walked from Port Sarim to mudskipper point, and instead of hundreds, there were two bots making leveling laps around the willows. And I went to the grand exchange, and I bought a whip. I laughed, and they screamed "Mistress!" as I used it. Vote no on free trade. The whip demands it.
  12. Looks EXACTLY like the ingame graphics actually, just camera angles that can't be done. And those 90's cg trailers you see... well, those are for isometric games at the very most. This is the same quality of art in most mid range games today... but very few of those manage even 100 hours of content (grinding included for them)
  13. Neh? I come back after a couple months and find THIS? My no vote is getting through, even if I have to tie it to an arrow and mail it to an english archer, it's getting through. Either that, or just a little botting from one person, and EVERYONE on the high scores list will have voted YES
  14. I'd like to vote me a current Dragon Scimitar, please... but guess if can't have, I can go for B. Maybe they should have like polled us what to update grafficly, as in: A.Anchovies B.BarrowsSets C.Cats D.DragonScimitar
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